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Ive been surfcasting for more than 45yrs in Wellington and around NZ and it has always been a passion for me.

I have fished extensively around NZ's best surf beaches and rock ledges for close to 50 years and would love to show you the best tackle there is to offer for the kind of fishing you are doing.

regards, Pete

$16 - line, hooks, 10 x 1oz sinkers


2 x 4oz breakaway sinker

$8.60 $7.80

2 x 5oz breakaway sinkers

$8.80 $8.00

2 x 6oz breakaway sinkers

$9.20 $8.40

3 x 5oz bomb sinkers

$6.00 $5.00

4 x 4oz bomb sinkers

$6.00 $5.00

5 x 3oz bomb sinkers

$6.00 $5.00

50lb clear supple trace line - 60mtr

prefect for most surfcasting traces


Anglers mate 1.2mtr beach spike with step


anglers mate 750cm beach spike


Berley sinker - pyramid - 4oz

Perfect for berleying up when surfcasting with a big cast on a ledger or pulley rig


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Berley sinker - pyramid 3oz

Perfect for berleying up when surfcasting with a big cast on a ledger or pulley rig


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black magic longreach surf rig

Gives you extra distance with the impact sheild system - the pully rig


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Breakaway Imp clips x 10

For an extra 10-15% casting distance the imp clips are one of the easiest pully rig clips which are most reliable. For making up pully rigs


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daiwa 12ft 2pce eliminator surf-rod

heavy duty 8-15kg graphite rod with heavy duty guides and reel seat. I thoroughly recommend this brand and have used them for 20+ years

$120.00 $89.90

daiwa procyon 12ft 2pce surf/rock rod

$120.00 $100.00

Depth charge berley sinkers 2 sx 3oz, 2 x 4oz

perfect for berleying while surfcasting, nz wide courier included


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IKA surf long distance rig

Increase your casting distance 10-15%. uses the impact sheild system - the pully rig


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Nacsan 1mtr beach spike with step - NZ made

galvanized steel quality product


Nacsan NZ made 70cm beachspike

Made from galvanaized steel no step on spike


okuma revenger 10ft rock rod


Okuma revenger 3 pce 13ft6 surfcaster

a great entry point surfcasting or rockfishing rod which is built to last.


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okuma revenger 50 spin reel

A very tough reel which we sell heaps of in the shop. Comes with 8kg nylon and can be matched matched on a 5-7ft (boat) or 8 to 10ft rock/surf rod (extra $60)

$40.00 $35.00

Okuma Revenger pro combo (10 or 12ft)

Revenger pro rod - fibreglass blanks, good tough guides and reel seat Revenger 80 reel is pre-spooled ready to go with 300meters of 25lb nylon. 2 x black Magic longcast surfcsating traces 2 x breakaway sinkers 1 x Hat FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY

$206.00 $149.90

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okuma rv80 reel

The Okuma Revenger 80 Spinning Reel is the toughest cheapest reel in our tackle shops. weve sold a stack of them to fisher who give them a really hard time and they gone extremely well

$50.00 $45.00

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okuma surf 8-K longcast reel

Awesome surf reel


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pete lamb fishing 2 hook ledger rig

#19 hooks, 50lb trace


Pro link Bait clips

the cheapest way of making pully rigs are with these bait clips very effective for getting extra distance when surfcasting


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shimano aquatip 12ft 2pce surf/rock rod

$99.00 $79.90

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silstar damos 3pce 13.6ft surfcaster

graphite ideal for 15-25lb nylon light action

$199.00 $99.00

Tip Light - mk4 colour green

The Mk4 Rod Tip Lights are the best and most reliable LED fishing rod tip lights available, an essential addition to the fishing tackle box for the night fisherman in NZ. they can be easily attached to your rod and are excellent for bite detection. we have blue, green and red colours in stock


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