daiwa bg 5000 spin reel

$280.00 $250.00

daiwa BG 6500

These are awesome reels for big kingis, snapper and pretty much everything else. Prefect for , surfcasting, rockfishing, boatfishing deepwater and inshore

$300.00 $275.00

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daiwa BG 8000

These are awesome reels for big kingis, snapper and pretty much everything else. Prefect for , surfcasting, rockfishing, boatfishing deepwater and inshore

$320.00 $285.00

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daiwa sweepfire 2500 reel

A nice entry point reel for serious softbaiting, trout, light tackle and baitfishing

$80.00 $50.00

daiwa sweepfire 5000 spin reel

one of the toughest entry point spin/surf reels on the market these days. Prefect for surfasting and rockfishing with PE 2-3 braid

$110.00 $89.90

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Daiwa Tanacom U 1000 electric reel (due in January 2021)

Our best selling electric in our tackle shops. I've got them on my charter boat too and they have been extremely reliable and hard working

$1,299.00 $999.00


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electric reel harness adapter

attaches the electric reel to your harness (the electric reels on the market have no harness luggs)

$40.00 $35.00

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Okuma Contoura CR 453 cs reel

A great reel for snapper, kingfish and most NZ fish species

$240.00 $129.90

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okuma magnetix mg15ls level wind reel

capacity - 180yds of 14lb nylon or 300yds of 20lb braid

$200.00 $135.00

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okuma magnetix mg20ls

capacity 160yds 20lb nylon or 250yds of 30lb braid. magnetic cast control.

$210.00 $139.90

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Penn Fathom FTH 40NLD (with free 80lb braid)

A solid as, lever drag reel with 18kgs of drag. Spool it up with 80-100lb braid and you'll be able to stop most kingis and deepwater fish (puka, bluenose and bass)

$399.00 $349.90

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penn gti 320 levelwind reel (with free 30lb braid)

The Penn 320 GT2 Level wind reel is excellent value for money, this reel comes with HT 100 carbon drag washers, a level wind line leveling system and an aluminium Spool. This reel is suitable for most general boat fishing - bluecod, tarakihi, gurnard, trevally, snapper and medium size kingis.

$150.00 $130.00

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Penn gti 330 reel

The Penn 330 GT2 level wind reel is an great mid capacity reel excellent as a deep water snapper reel or a trolling reel. The reel features Penns super smooth HT-100 drag system. These reels are well known for their performance. Perfect for all kinds of boatfishing - our best selling overhead reel in the shop

$160.00 $140.00

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Penn jigmaster 500L (with free 25lb quality nylon)

an excellent hard wearing boat and shore fishing reel. probably the best starting reel you could ever buy to handle everything up to big kingis and snapper

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Penn SS850 spinfisher (with free 30-50lb braid or nylon)

an absolute beast of a surfcasting reel, proven performer for boat and shore fishing we have the 550, 650, 750 and 950 sizes available as well for the same price


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shimano 12000 oc baitrunner

top surfcasting or straylining reel, holds 250mtr 25lb nylon

$229.00 $189.00

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Shimano baitrunner 12000d

Another bestselling instore baitrunner for straylining and surfcasting

$289.90 $229.90

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Shimano dendou maru 4000 electric

Holds 650 mtrs of 50lb braid

shimano dendou maru 9000 beastmater electric reel

Heaps of lifting power and its fast - a real beast of a reel for deepwater fishing

$1,999.99 $1,750.00

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Shimano forcemaster 9000 electric reel

prefect for deepwater fihsing in NZ waters for hapuku, bass and bluenose 10 year warrantee

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Shimano forcemaster 9000 with full spool of quailty 80lb braid

Holds 850mtrs on 37kg tasline premium braid

Shimano TLD15 reel

Shimano’s TLD reels are arguably the most versatile lever drag overhead reels around, built tough to take on those fish that you don't want to get away.

$222.00 $179.00

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tica special lever drag st16

The TiCATEAM ST16WH-T VIII is a high speed lever drag reel  perfect for jigging or casting, light trolling or heavy bottom fishing.

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