Bait and Berley

I've added a freight compound to these items for individual sales and can deliver around wgtn, if you want multiple items I can often do free freight or at a reduced rate. Please phone me on 0274439750 or email me on [email protected] for a quote 

We can courier a 15kg polybin (chillybin) for $20 north island or $30 south island (plus $5 for r.d.)

We usually pack saltice into the polybins to make sure the frozen product stays in good condition 

1.5kg 100% salmon berley bomb


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1.5kg crab berley


1.5kg pilchard bonito berley bomb


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11kg NZ Arrow squid

big squid, premo quality


1kg ballyhoo

a similar fish to the NZ piper, imported, firm, oily


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1kg Freeflow Pilchards

$11.90 $9.00

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1kg NZ Arrow squid

top quality all round bait, particularly for teris and cod, bluenose etc


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1kg pilchard 2nds


1kg piper


1kg salted blue mackerel fillets


1kg salted bonito fillets


275gm wharf pack


2kg bullet tuna


3 teir collapsible berley pot

galv frame with heavy duty rope mesh. fitys 2 x 4litre bombs inside


3kg crab berley


3kg pilchard bonito bomb


3kg shellfish kina berley bomb


4 litre Berley bomb - Bonito/mackerel

minced skipjack tuna and blue mackerel frames/heads, frozen in a 4litre bucket size, double bagged with a netlon stocking


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4 x 4litre p/b berley bombs

$60.00 $49.90

4kg salmon berley

$23.00 $19.90

5 x 1.5kg berley bombs (p/b or s/k)

$50.00 $39.90

500gm baby squid

small squid (imported). great on snapper, gurnard, warehou, kingfish and most other species


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500gm salted blue mackerel fillets


5kg freeflow pilchards

top quality freeflow imported pilchards


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5kg NZ Arrow Squid

800gm-1kg size, good quality, firm tough bait

$62.50 $49.90

5kg silver Pilchards

freeflow imported 2nd grade pilchards

$29.90 $29.90

800gm anchovies


blue berley pot - 4litre

Colapsible berley pot, comes with 20mtr rope


crab (small) 1kg

excellent bait for spotty shark, bluemoki and snapper

Freight $20


Freight $30


Nacsan folding berley pot (medium)

Med size 180mm Inside diameter rings

$55.00 $44.90

Nacsan large berley pot

fits a 10kg berley bomb, heavy duty galv frame and rope mesh.

$69.90 $59.90

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Nacsan medium berley pot

fits a 3kg berley bomb inside, heavy duty galv frame and rope mesh

$64.90 $54.90

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odorex fish off 450ml pump action spray

eliminates fish smells


odorex fish off pen spray 10ml

eliminates fishy smells


odorex fish off soap 350ml

eliminates fishy smells


salmon berley 3kg


salted bonito fillet 500gm

skipjack tuna


trevally fillet 500gm

premo bait for gurnard. stays on the hook without the need for cotton


whole blue mackerel

1.5kg approx


whole bonito (skipjack tuna) large

2.5kg approx


whole bonito (skipjack tuna) medium

1.5kg approx


whole bonito (skipjack tuna) small

1kg approx


whole large squid tube


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