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RETAIL SALES POSITION available (part time) at my fishing tackle shop in Rontogai with a possibility of some fishbait processing, wholesale bait deliveries and Deckhand work on fishing charters. Its mainly weekend work with some midweek days. Send CV to [email protected] or phone 0274439750


8th November 2019

There’s big bluenose action out at the trench at the moment.  These stalwarts of the deep are always a great catch for the table and we’ve seen some good numbers of nice fish getting caught if you can get the weather and the time off to cooperate with each other.

Bluenose often hang out up off the bottom a bit, so if you see sign sitting up higher than you might expect for puka then it can often be bluenose.  This time of year we expect they will be there for a while so it’s a matter of keeping an eye on the conditions and being ready to go.

Snapper and kingies have come on a bit but at this early stage of summer they are not exactly raging just yet.

Mana and Pukerua Bay are producing good fish but not yet in the big numbers we expect closer to Christmas. 

We are now starting to see the south end of Kapiti fishing well too.  It’s been a bit quiet there to date, but good to see some fresh action at one of our better fishing locations. Here you can get good terakihi off the southern contour changes and reefy pins, and off Pinnacle Rock (see map), and also trevally and the odd decent snapper.

With strong north-west winds forecast the weekend looks a bit average for boaties everywhere but close in to the south and east coast.  There’s no swell there at the moment though, and nice clear water so perfect for surf casting and shallower diving missions.

Launching off Owhiro Bay and staying in really close watching out for the marine reserve could be an option, and it shouldn’t take too long to pick up some nice blue cod and terakihi at least. 

Five Mile reef is still good for big cod and terakihi in 50 – 75 metres if you fish the turn of tides when there’s not too much current running.

The weather might be a bit uncooperative this week, but when you can get out Sinclair Head to Karori Rock, and out deeper around 80-100 metres there’s a good chance of catching Hapuka and trumpeter.

Trumpeter are a fantastic fish, and they have been appearing in a few spots lately. 

Normally they are more of an east coast fish, but we’re seeing them more south now. There’s a good bank out past, and to the south of Nicholson’s Trench where some really nice specimens have been landed.  It’s a huge area between 100 – 150 metres that gives you plenty of options to cruise about with the sounder and pick up sign.

Being at least 10 miles offshore it’s a bit further to travel, but as such, has not had the angling pressure and can therefore produce unexpected results.

Trumpeter are a fantastic looking fish, a bit like a big moki with distinctive horizontal stripes.  They can grow pretty big, up to 25kgs, and they are a great fight and will scrap like a kingfish all the way to the surface.

They make great eating so are a good reward for the effort.

Trumpeter are usually caught on normal puka gear, but have much smaller mouths than the groper family so a smaller sized hook is better.

Out west looks pretty unfishable in the short term, but those that have been able to fish Hunters are being rewarded with some really nice kingfish.  These are mainly on jigs, but of course livies also work well, often a big live bait being responsible for hooking the bigger fish.

South-west of Hunters we hear the 78 metre rise is fishing well for kings.  It’s primarily a well-known puka spot but being a rise with a bit of current running the kings are there too.



Where they have been catching gurnard the surfcasting crew are now steadily picking up a few snapper in the harbour now at places like Evan’s Bay. Greta point has been good but inconsistent, and it’s supposed to be a good time to be moki fishing at White Rock (even though the surfcasting club did not do so well off Wainui last week).




I'm primarily chartering on the west coast out from Mana Marina at present

There are three types of trips we commonly book.

Four hour trips targeting snapper, kingfish, trevally, gurnard, bluecod and tarakihi in sheltered water. $120pp or $1400 for the boat ($20pp tackle hire)

Six hour trips which can go a bit further and generally have more consistent fishing. We can also have a shot at some deepwater fishing if you want. $150pp or $1800 for the boat ($30pp tackle hire)

Nine hour full day trips are a mixture of deepwater fishing (hapuku) and inshore fishing. $190pp or $2300 for the boat ($40pp tackle hire)

We also travel to the Marlborough Sounds and Durville Island on overnight trips which start at $385pp. We can do a package deal with accomodation, meals and fishing gear if required or you can bring/organize your own.  


2hr tuition - Rongotai shop - knots, rigs, tackle, bait, spots, techniques - $50/hr

4hr trip - Area - local south coast (30 min drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark. Cost - $100pp, tackle hire - $20pp

6 hour - Area - extended trip to south coast (30 - 75 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark. Cost - $150pp, tackle hire - $30pp

10hr trip
Area - extended trip to south coast or Wairarapa (60 - 100 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark, snapper. Cost - $190pp, tackle hire - $40pp

Overnight Trip
We normally fish both the evening and morning turn of light, if you are keen. Area - extended trip to south coast or Wairarapa (60 - 100 minute drive). Target fish - blue moki, blue cod, kahawai, tarakihi, spotty shark, snapper. Cost - $300pp includes accommodation, tackle hire - $50pp, food $50


What's included in a trip

What's included in a trip

We provide bait, expert help, tea, coffee, something on the bbq (share cost boat trips) and filleting of all fish caught.

Fishing gear and meals can be provided for an extra cost

4hr tackle hire $20pp, 6hr tackle hire $30pp, 9hr tackle hire $40pp

bbq lunch $20pp, cooked breakfast $15pp

Boat Charters / Seminars Coming Up

There are other days available. Phone the booking office on 045894326

or email for details

Some of these dates are subject to change


Charters bookings are confirmed with deposits and email and are subject to numbers (share cost) and weather

20 Nov - Wednesday day trip 7am mana $230pp - Book! - Enquire
23 Nov - saturday 7am 6hr trip ex mana $180pp - Book! - Enquire
24 Nov - sunday day trip ex mana $230pp - Book! - Enquire
30 Nov - saturday - possible 4 or 6hr trip 8am and 1pm - Book! - Enquire
1 Dec - sunday day trip ex mana $230pp - Book! - Enquire
2 Dec - monday - both boats available for 4, 6 or 9hr trips - Book! - Enquire
3 Dec - tuesday - both boats available for 4, 6 or 9hr trips - Book! - Enquire
4 Dec - wednesday - - both boats available for 4, 6 or 9hr trips - Book! - Enquire
5 Dec - thursday - both boats available for 4, 6 or 9hr trips - Book! - Enquire
6 Dec - friday - destiny available from 12.30pm onwards - Book! - Enquire
7 Dec - saturday - destiny available 1.30pm onwards - Book! - Enquire
26 Dec - thursday 12.30pm 4hr trip - Book! - Enquire
27 Dec - friday 6hr trip 7am - Book! - Enquire
28 Dec - saturday full day trip 7am - Book! - Enquire

At the moment there are plenty of hapuku around in the deep, kingfish and snapper inshore (60-80mtrs) and most other species mixed in for good measure closer in. 

On a 6hr trip we can go south to Makara or north to Hunters bank and sometimes out wide for hapuku. Its generally an inshore fishing trip but we are happy to go deep if everyone on board is keen. 

Our 4hr trips are mainly around Mana island and Pukerua bay. There's good numbers of gurnard, trevally and kahawai with kingfish, snapper and warehou turning up sometimes in numbers

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