Pete Lamb Fishing

Pete Lamb Fishing

When I was 23 I decided life was too short to be stuck in a job I didn't like so I gave up my job, packed up my Holden Kingswood full of camping and fishing gear and when on a hiatus to Cape Runaway to suss out the monster kingfish lurking around. I found my Birth Mother, gave up smoking and got fit. After this trip and a number of far north trips I started running landbased fishing charters and selling wholesale fishbait in Wellington and it just grew over the years.

Now I have a retail fishing shop in Seaview and Rongotai, a wholesale bait distribution business and the charter vessel Daniel.

We are a small team with 2 - 3 full time and 4 - 6 part time staff

We run fishing trips 7 days on the harbour, out to the south coast and in the deepwater canyons out from Wellington and occasionally in the Marlborough Sounds.

My shops run 7 days in the summer. I run an annual fishing comp in the middle of the year. With evening fishing seminars and online stuff I keep pretty busy


Ross Garrod (aka Horse)

Ross Garrod (aka Horse)

Horse and me go way back to primary school in Tawa.

While we were teenagers we discovered Boom Rock (walking over from tawa) and fished it when there were pauas the size of dinner plates.

Although horse is not a real experienced fisher he does know the gear, basic techniques and is good at listening to many keen and experienced anglers that frequent the shop. and is more than happy to pass on the knowledge he has picked up over the 12 years + he has been working for me at the Rongotai Shop

He's caught his fair share of puka, terikihi and cod out in the boat plus a good LBG kingi and snapper from the rocks

He looks after the wholesale bait department, manufacturing and also the retail side of things out front.


Jeremy Gordon (aka Jimmi)

Jeremy Gordon (aka Jimmi)

Again another Tawa boy Jimmi has had a very busy fishing career. He gained a staunch reputation as a kingi specialist while resident in Kapiti a few years back. he has become a very proficient dry land caster topping the NZACA nationals this year with a cast of around 215mtrs.

Jimmi is an experienced surfcaster and boat fisherman as does much of our reel and rod maintenance while running the retail shop at Seaview.

He's a good man for showing you knots and rigs as well as all the technical stiff about rods and reels.

The Kina Bros blues band

The Kina Bros blues band

When Im not fishing I like playing music with old and new friends. My Favourite music is the blues and occasionally I get to indulge with like minded individuals at the likes of the Ngawi Moki 1000, the Wgtn boatshow and other gigs.

The Kina Brothers generally play Bluey fishing based music and I have recorded a few numbers with the band which I'll put up MP3's asap

I also play with various other groups playing Jazz, Irish, folk, Rock and other stuff

If you would like a band at your event or venue please let me know and I can arrange a group for you

From time to time I will have a jam my mate Nick Mains open Mike session at a pub in Wgtn or at someones house for a music night. I also love taking my charter vessel the Daniel out on the harbour with a bunch of musos for a jam a bbq either accoustic or with the PA

if you would like to join me, Im more than happy to jam with you

I play slide guitar, Diddly bow, harmonica, Drums, Cajon, Djembe and Bodhran

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