january reports

january reports


Prior to the bug southerly things were going pretty well in the wgtn fishing scene. deepwater fishig has been very good out west for hapuku and reasonable at the trench with a mixed bag of puka, bass, bluenose, gemfish ling and hoki.

We played with a pod of orca off baring head the other day which was a real highlight. the dolphins have turned up recently in good numbers as well. wont be too far away before the sperm whales make an appearance.

snapper fishing out west has been a bit harder but if you wrk for them you'll get them.

kingis in the harbour havnt slowed down but the fish were hard to find yesterday maybe because of the earthquake the day before, who knows?


pictured here is richard chambers with his dad al and inga in background - xmas day in breaker bay

December reports

December reports

west - good numbers of puka out wide, snapper and kingfish have been a little harder to get onto with slightly colder temps after the southerlies, they shold be back in full swing after these strong northerlies psuh the warm water back in.
john dory, trevs and gurnard are around if you target them. not much to report from the shore

south - the cod a teris have been hit and miss. the 50mtr wreck has been pretty good i hear. theres been a number of kingis and a few snapper around on the inshore and deeper tarakihi reefs.

the trench - theres been some excellent bass fishing at the trench with patches of good bluenose and a few puka as well. trumpeter and puka have been caught from sinclair to karori recently.

surfcasting/rock - the return of the kingis have got the oriental slidebaiting brigade out there doing it again. some good snapper have been caught at great point, pt gordan and in evans bay. a few over at eastbourne too.
Some nice moki have been caught around the harbour and on the south coast along with some good gurnard a few trevally and spotty sharks as well


What a great spell of weather we're having

 The trench - plenty of gemfish around at the moment with the odd good catch of bass as well

West deepwater - good puka fishing continues off most known haunts

West inshore - snapper continue to fire up and down the coast but not as consistent as previous summers

Surfcasting - moki have started to fire in good numbers  White rock has been the best spot although they are all around the east and south coast at present. a few snapper are getting caught in the harbour and up past Paikak. kahawai have been good one day gone the next.

LBG - the kingis have been firing well off oriental bay and in evans bay

Harbour - a good mixed bag of teri, cod, gurnard, snaper, kingi, trevs and elephants. the entrance in around lambton harbour have been good fishing as well as point gordan occaisionally. ward island has been a bit tougher fishing


Probably one of the best decembers for fishing and weather that i can remember. Although the weather wasnt quite as good for the last week, overall it was a good month. 

All places produced good fishing but sometimes you really had to work for it. I suppose when the tides were big and the water was dirty it was harder fishing, 

the snapper fishing out west has been a little tougher of late but the puka are still firing out wide

water temp has been 18-20 around alot of the coast with albacore seen but not caught




November reports

November reports


a crack. There's been the odd large moki getting caught there as well. We're now in the heart of moki season so its worth giving places like White rock, Cape pallsier, Ocean beach, Wainui, Pencarrow, Long beach and Karori light beach a bash with mussel, crab and paua gut. Its also prime time for some large blue cod in the same areas. Gurnard,spotty sharks and the odd elephantfish are also getting taken from White rock through to ocean beach and along to Wainui and at eastbourne.
Good luck for the moki 1000 at Ngawi on the 25/26 Nov.
The trench - its been great fishing on the outgong tide for hoki and bluenose. on the turn some nice puka and bass have been caught. Incoming tide has been harder fishing.
West coast - Some good hapuku have been caught in numbers off the back of hunters - 130mtrs. Fishermans is also producing the odd stash and north of fishermans as well - 200mtrs. Snapper fishing continues to get better spreading further south by the week. Theres been some excellent fish over 20lb caught and plenty of smaller ones. I wouldnt mind betting the surfcasters have been catching a few too but they are keeping schtung. Some beut kingis are getting caught too at hunters, kapiti and further south down to boom rock.
South coast - the usual cod and teris around the 40mtr marks from lyall bay down to sinclair head and 60 - 80mtrs off baring head to turakerei. theres been more trevs and gurnard around the harbour entrance and fitzroy bay although the gunard have eased back a bit may due to spawning,
East - some good solid trumpeter, cod and teri with a few puka and bluenose are getting caught at cape palliser, snapper are becoming more comonplace out there too which is a good sign.
Its prime time to pot some crays, they are in good numbers on the south coast anyway. Come and see us for a range of craypots and tips and tricks to set them.
October Reports

October Reports


Its been a good week of variety. On thursday I got out with my mate Roscoe for a snapper fish in his 4.7mtr surteese centre console. although the tide wasnt favourable until the afternoon when i had bait deliveries on we did manage some good snapper, gurnard and kahawai. we fished the 35mtr south of bears head. On friday werer out to the trench for a mixed bag of bass, bluenose and hoki. the fishing in the deep has been good particularly with the outgoing tide. bluenose and hoki are around in good numbers with basss and puka on the turn of the tide. On saturday we caught our first two kingis for the season at west ledge, unfortunatelly they were fraction undersize so were released for another day. Trevs, gurnard, bluecod and tarakihi made up the rest of the catch. The harbour was a bit quieter than normal, as was breaker bay but all in all it was a good four days on the water

It was a tough weekend out for us with the weather.
We had a good catch of gurnard at Kaiwharawhara on Friday afternoon, A mate of mine Tane, caught a good stash of gurnard off cobham drive on sunday morning *surfcasting"
Saturday was rather more blustery than expected. We managed a nice hapuku at the trench before the tide turned and a stash of big tarakihi on the 100mtr mark just inside Palliser bay. Once the gale northerley got up it was off to breaker bay for bin or kahawai a few large gurnard.
I hear some elephantfish, kahawai and gurnard were caught in the harbour on sunday but the sth coast was virtually unfishable with the 20-30knot southerly which hit about 8am.
Surfcasters had a good weekend on the bluemoki on the stgh coast with about 15 being weighed in the the WSAC comp.


We got a couple of bass and ling at the Trench on Sunday and a dozen teris on the way home at the Wreck and West ledge. There's been a number of big snapper caught on the west coast recently, looks like an early season out there.
The Harbours been going well for gurnard, kahawai, trevally and elephantfish (boat). One surfcaster did well on the gurnard in Evans bay last week as well.
Some good whitebait catches have been reported from the Hutt river mouth.

September 2017

September 2017



Harbour - plenty of kahawai have turned up this week

South coast - bluecod fishing seemed to be good around the 30, 50 and 80 metre marks but the tarakihi were off the bite on the weekend (for us anyway). Ive heard of a few trevs and warehou caught

Trench - it was pretty tough on the weekend. good reports of ling and the odd bass and blulenose prior to the weekend

West - no reports

Surfcasting - a few spotty sharks and a trev caught at Ocean beach on Sunday along with the usual spineys, reddys and kahawai. Theres been a few trevs getting caught off the shore recently in the harbour and on the coast. Makara point, White rock and Pencarrow have all produced good trevs in the past and are worth a crack now. Boom rock is another good winter spot for tarakihi, warehou and the odd trev off the rocks.

Harbour - we did reasonably well on the gurnard on sunday off point Halswell and Jenningham along with a few nice tarakihi and kahawai
White bait - ive heard theres a few been caught at the Ferry and at waikanae but the Hutt is a bit quiet
Surfcasting - Some big kahawai at Wanui with the occasional legal bluecod as well. this is a goood time oof the year for legal bluecod off places like pencarrrow, longbeach, red rocks, the batch and waireek beaches.

Theres been a resurgence of gurnard for boaties on the sth coast and harbour  

Some good bass and bluenose have been caught recently at the trench, good size but not heaps. Ive just had a report of a heap of hapuku caught at the top of the Sounds recently by a commercial fishermen.
The teris and cod on the south coast have been pretty good with a few trevally mixed in as well.
Inside the harbour its been gurnard fever once again. The western side has been better than the east. We picked up a stash of tarakihi off point Gordan the other day. Ward island and Falcon were quiet,
There was a nice trumpeter, bluecod and moki caught at the beach beach surfcasting the other day. Those beaches west of Sinclair can produce the goods at this time of the year if your a keen surfcaster


It was good to get a few trips out over the weekend. The south coast produced some very good bluecod from Lyall bay down to Sinclair head mainly around the 40mtr mark.
Breaker bay has been the bomb on the kahawai with more gurnard around than in previous years too. Most trips have produced a trevally or two on the sth coast.

harbour - heard of a good john dory caught in Evans Bay recently. Bluecod, gurnard, tarakihi and kahawai have been biting well on most harbour trips for us particularly in the western spots more than the east. We also caught a good size spotty shark at Kaiwhara yesterday. I have heard of a few reasonable whitebait catches on the Hutt river this week.

surfcasting - a few moki and trevs have been caught on the Sth coast and Wairarapa along with the occasional elephant fish and number of spotty sharks, gurnard and bluecod

Deepwater - some good bass and bluenose were caught recently in the trench

West coast - a few snapper are starting to show kapiti northwards, good teris, trevally and cod around makara

august reports

august reports

Looks like a good Saturday coming up this weekend - 10 knots variable, hopefully that wont change,
We had a day at the trench on Monday. It showed signs of improvement from the previous trip which was really tough going. We lost a bluenose close to the boat, got a bass and some big ling. A commercial friend of mine caught a 32kg bass (headed and gutted) and a recreational mate got a 35kger out there too recently. I hear the puka have been biting west of Sinclair, fishermans and makara.
Inshore fishing has been consistent when the the waters been clean for cod, teri, trevs, gurnard, warehou and the odd snapper and kingi


Harbour - plenty of kahawai have turned up this week

South coast - bluecod fishing seemed to be good around the 30, 50 and 80 metre marks but the tarakihi were off the bite on the weekend (for us anyway). Ive heard of a few trevs and warehou caught

Trench - it was pretty tough on the weekend. good reports of ling and the odd bass and bluenose prior to the weekend

West - no reports

Surfcasting - a few spotty sharks and a trev caught at Ocean beach on Sunday along with the usual spineys, reddys and kahawai. Theres been a few trevs getting caught off the shore recently in the harbour and on the coast. Makara point, White rock and Pencarrow have all produced good trevs in the past and are worth a crack now. Boom rock is another good winter spot for tarakihi, warehou and the odd trev off the rocks.

fishing report 30.7.17

fishing report 30.7.17

Fishing report form the weekend

It was ling city out at the Trench on Sunday. One of my mates got a nice bluenose and bass after we left the far side.
The tarakihi were biting at the back of 5 mile on the 100mtr mark and some good mackerel, orange perch and big scarpies helped fill the bin.
Out west theres been some nice puka taken out wide and some good gurnard and snapper in close.
Kahawai have been good on the south coast for surfcasters and theres a few elephantfish, gurnard and trevally at Seatoun. When the harbours been dirty the fishings been good at Halwell and in Evans bay

This trumpeter was caught in August a few years back by Craig Henderson our charter boat Melicent (now owned by John Fargher). It was 42lbs and caught on a Penn gti330 with 3/o hooks in 50mtrs while tarakihi fishing

We've got our classic ''dehookers" back in stock if anyones interested - they are the best fish dehooker on the market. as used on our charters.

see the knoves and tools section of the buy products page

11 july

11 july

West coast still producing good fish ie Kingies and Snaps,Warehou have shown up around the traps as well with one boaties taking 12 in half an hour.

Blue cod,Tarakihi fishing is abundant around the south coast currently.

The red cod and spiny dogs should be loading their suitcases and leaving for their winter holidays in the Wellington waters this week,as our first real polar rodent blows into town.

Some very good catches of mature Blue Mackerel(slimies) still continue to plague the local waters.

Big Trevally and good sized Barking carrots are still making an appearance also,shell fish baits is a good option for these two species.

Puka,Bass and Bluenose are thin on the ground with the odd report of 'ones' and 'twosies' being taken.

It's mid July and still very good fishing despite the incoming forecast,thermals on and stay warm,spring and its wind are not far away.

fishing report 27 june 2017

fishing report 27 june 2017

Fishing report

West coast - Theres been some good fish been coming in over the last week. I had some blokes in the shop the other day who caught 4 john dory, 3 kingis and some good cod off makara in their kayaks last week.
Theres been some nice hapuku getting caught out west at fishermans, makara and ohau.
Inshore the snapper have been biting well south of Makara but have gone a bit deeper further north.
Tarakihi fishing has been pretty consistent off Plimmerton, Mana and around north Makara.

South coast - theres been a real resurgence of bluenose out at the trench recently with nice fish coming in from both sides up to 12kgs. Fitzroy has been great for trevally, gurnard, kahawai and tarakihi. One boat landed 4 trevs there the other day.
The kahawai at the harbour entrance have been in plague proportions.

Harbour - We caught 12 snapper last sunday with a good amount of tarakihi, kahawai and gurnard too. Quite a surprize in a strong southerly. Some nice trevs are getting caught around the leading lights and off Seatoun.

Surfcasting - the return of the mighty red cod has all but the faint hearted shaking in their boots! Point Howard wharf has been seeing alot of gurnard caught on the good days with a mix of couta, kahawai and reddies as well.
Its warehou season - a berley bag off queens wharf should produce 500gm - 1kg warehou thistime of the year and if you want a big one Boom rock or Armchair point could the place to try over the next month.
Makara point is known to produce tarakihi and the odd trevally at this time of the year.
Ocean beach in Palliser bay is a good winter spot for a variety of sharks and scalefish. there may even be the odd snapper and elephantfish there too.
Spotty sharks are a worthwhile target at Wainui, most Wairarapa beaches and off Burdans gate in the harbour.

Its only 6 weeks away till whiebait season, We have nets, waders and screens in stock if ayone's keen

We also have Jimi the fish onsite at the Seaview shop who can do reel/rod maintenance and repairs sometimes on the spot or within a day or two.

Shimano Tld15's on special this week for $175

Wellington fishing is awesome!

Wellington fishing is awesome!

Theres plenty of fish out there, the snapper are still biting with the odd kingi too. The west has been red hot and the harbour is still producing the odd good fish. Definately fish a bit deepwater when the waters colder.
Deepwater fishing has been a little patchy but the puka are out there if you put the time in. The commercial guys have been getting some good bass and bluenose at the trench and puka on the west coast.
Out west its worth targetting warehou at places like Fishermans, Hunters, Boom, and the north and south end of Mana/Kapiti islands - fish up off the bottom with jigs and flasher rigs. We also count to 10, 15 or 20 seconds freespooling ourt lines to find what depth they are hanging out. We catch a few off Island bay, 5 mile, Sinclair and Baring head with smaller ones coming into the harbour.
Gurnard, tarakihi and bluecod fishing has been excellent on the sth and west coasts particularly when the waters been clean. Gurnard and kahawai are still in good numbers in the harbour with a few elephantfish and trevs too.
Surfcasters have been catching nice spotty sharks with a few gurnard and moki on the south and east coasts. Reddies and spineys have moved in with kahawai in good numbers at many spots.

fishing report 26.2.17

fishing report 26.2.17

Well there's certainly been a change in the weather in the last couple of weeks, summer has struck Wgtn WHICH IS GREAT.

WEST COAST - snapper are up and down the coast in most locations, some really big ones too which is promising, Theres been a few albacore tuna caught off the back of Kaipiti but they havn't really fired in good numbers yet and are hard to catch. Kingis are hanging in the usual haunts but are pretty much all over the place terrorizing unprepared anglers on most reefs up and down the coast.
The hapuku are getting caught of the back of hunters on the 130mtr patch
SOUTH COAST - cod and teris are pretty much all over the place and certainly biting well when the tides are too big and when the waters clean. Gurnard are being caught on the 30-40mtr mark out from the harbour entrance and in Fitzroy and Lyall bays. The kingis haven't been so good for us thiis year on the coast but the harbour has made up for it
HARBOUR - kingfish seem to be everywhere but the hotspot is definitely off Oriental bay and Point Jenningham. We had our best snapper catch off Ward Island this week and caught some nice elephants there too. Gurnard are all over the place (on the sand) .
THE TRENCH - its been a bit hit and miss out there recently. Good bluenose have been there one day gone the next. Lets hope it improves soon. Puka have been caught from Sinclair to Karori
SURFCASTING - some good snapper were caught at Whangamoana on the weekend. Moki have been caught on the south coast particularly at Caoe Palliser and around Karori light. Snapper fishing around the harbour has been pretty good as well as on the west coast. Overall its been one of the better landbased seasons in Wgtn. The Eastborne gate/bus shelter has been a good after dark spot for elephants, moki and snapper. Wire rock at Pukerua bay is well worth a berley up for a big snapper or kingfish now. Paikakariki and Tehoro are prime surfcasting spots after dark for snapper too!
If you want to see some kingi action then go down to Oriental and wait and see, There must have been around 50 kingis caught there this season up to abou 20kgs. Most have been caught slidebaiting livebaits. Most points around the harbour are worth livebaiting for the kingi now. If you want to catch one, this is the time and season to do it. Use 80lb braid and 130lb trace to maximize your opportunities



fishing report 4.2.17

fishing report 4.2.17

while the weather continues to play havoc in wgtn the good days are certainly producing the goods

out west - its snapper mayem with plenty of limit bags getting reported and fish generally bigger in size than last year. there has been a few albacore taken out wide from kapiti but nothing reported south of that. kingfish are all up and down the coast with reports of captures coming from the boulderbank, hunters and boom rock. hapuku have been caught in reas...onable nubers out wide from hunters and down ohau way. plenty of cod and teris from makara south

harbour - the snapper are getting caught in numbers from time to time but not as consistent as out west. gurnard are in excellent numbers with kahawai a bit more hit and miss. kingis have been caught all over the place but the best fishing has been off point jennningham and around ward island. theres still a mixture of cod, teri, trevally and elephants appearing in the catch around pt gordan, ward isl and seatoune.

south coast - inshore fishing is great with cod and teris, gurnard and a few kingis, trevs and snapper. the usual haunts of fitzroy bay, west ledge, baring head and the airport reef have been resonably consistent. for us the back of 5 mile has really turned it on with xos size cod and teris with the odd kingi too. homes rock and turakerei 100mtr marks are also pretty good for teris and kingis

the trench - after a couple of excellent days on the bass, bluenose and puka it was a bit quiet on the last trip. there was a a medium sized earthquake centered just out frm the trench the previous night so that spooked the fish a bit. One of the buenose was over 20kgs, most of the bass were under 10kgs and the hapuku was around 15kg. I hear karori has produced a few puka of late.

landbased - Pt Jenningham/Oriental bay has been a revelation for kingis this summer. they may be getting a little gunshy now but its still worth a visit. The suceessful anglers have been transporting in live macks caught overnight and slidebaiting them with great sucess. the biggest so far is around 18kgs and the best morning recently produced 6 fish with one angler catching 3 fish up to 16kgs.
snapper fishing out west is pretty good if you know where to go. north of paikak is certainly the most consistent. i heard a double figure snapper was caught at the raumati surfcasting comp last w.end.
moki and spotty sharks over the wairarapa have bee pretty good along with gurnard when the waters clean. havnt heard of any snapper at ocean beach yet but when the conditions are good its worth a crack, for sure. gurnard and snapper of greta point and round the eastburne coastline have been pretty good and flat rock has been another kingi place worth livebaiting. kingis have been smashing unprepared anglers all over the place recently.

fishing report 10.11.16

fishing report 10.11.16

west coast a few snapper getting caught. Titahi bay rocks, nth of makara, paikak and tehoro all worth a crack

sth and east coast spotty shark, gurnard and moki all getting caught but we havnt had perfect conditions yet to really get into them. large bluecod in close too on the shingle beaches. white rock/tora worth a crack. big kahawai getting caught at wainui/lake ferry. some good sea run browns have been caught at lake ferry recently.

harbour - big kahawai with a few gurnard the odd moki and small warehou. there have been kingis hooked and caught in evans bay recently. flat rock would be worth a crack and kau bay for a moki

south - inshore - nice clean water out there with cood cod, teri and gurnard in close. the crays are also worth potting in close as present.
the kingis were absent from homes last saturday although the big teris were abundant

south - deep - still good bluenose, puka and bass around. this is the time the trench really fires so hopefully the weather will improve enough for everyone to get a taste of it before xmas.

harbour - theres been a heap of plankton which has made fishing tougher than expected. plenty of kahawai around with a few cod, teri and gurnard. a nice big trev was caught at ward island on the w.end.

west - better snapper fishing with the water temp increasing. some good kingis have been caught in the last week or so up and down the coast - up to 50lb. the wiraka rise is worth a crack for snapps as well as the 35mtr bank in from verns. boom has produced good cod and teris recently

We had an awesome jam session out on the harbour before the fireworks on saturday

Fishing Reports

Its looking like a really good weather window this weekend so it should be good on all coasts. The southerley on friday may put a swellup for a time on saturday but its forcast to be a metre or less for the weekend.

Deepwater - We've only had one session in the deep this week and the fishing was a bit tough although we did manage a few bluenose, hoki and ling before cutting our losses and heading in for some cod and teris which were also a bit ellusive wth the big tides last week.
This weekend with small tides it should be very good fishing all round, fingers crossed.
Normally its good bluenose and puka fishing this time of the year so we'll give those a crack this Saturday.

Harbour - the gurnard fishing has been pretty good with kahawai a close 2nd.
Tarakihi have been in good numbers as well. I havnt heard of stray snaps or kings caught last week but  with the water temp is over 16 deg now so there should be a few lurking around. If your not too sure where to go try the edge of the shipping channel off ward island and falcon shoals and around the leading lights and seatoun light.

West coast - Its been pretty rough out there recently which is good for pushing the warm water back I havnt heard of much caught apart from the usual cod and tarakihi and a few snapper further north. It will be interesting to see the results from the weekend. There will alot of people out fishing. The Wairaka rise, Mana bridge, and Makara fencline will beplaces i would give a crack

Surfcasting - theres been a marked increase of kahawai around this week and some big gurnard getting caught off the back of the airport. One our our regulars got a nice moki off the rocks this week around 2kgs. Ocean beach is my pick for spotty shark, moki and elephantfish and even maybe an early snapper! Dont forget your crabs...

fishing report 6.10.16

fishing report 6.10.16
We've had a great spell on the weather with light easterlies mainly over the last week, although things have changed just in the last couple of days with the old norwester and gale southerly to remind us that its still Wellington.

Deepwater - the trench has started to be a bit more consistent with bluenose recently which is good, especially in the west. We expect the bluebnose will come back in good numbers soon as the water temp has shot up to 15.5 on the last trip. We got a nice 20kg puka the other day in amoungst the bluenose too. Hoki and ling can be prolific some days which is good to fill the fillet bags up. 

Inshore - A nice 18kg kingi was caught in 20mtrs just inside Palliser bay the other day. Hunters bank has been producing good numbers of trevally, The snapper have been there one day gopne the next up and down the west coast but more prolific north of Pukerua bay. Plenty of cod down Oahu way

Surfcasting - some excellent bluecod have been coming in at batch beach of late. Longbeach, waireek, waihui and pencarrow beaches are all worth a crack for bluecod as well. kahawai are becoming easier to catch and are fat (with whitebait)

White baiting has picked up with good catches reported from lake ferry and the Hutt river this week

Harbour - we've had some really good bluecod, gurnard and kahawai this week along the ferry terminal to Kaiwhara strectch

The puka should be returning soon and the water temp is up to 16 deg in the harbour so snaps and kingis should become more common in the near future (fingers crossed)

Latest fishing report

Latest fishing report


Great weather and fishing this week. There's been the odd time when the fish have gone off the bite but generally its been good. We had our best bluenose fishing at the trench on Saturday for the season plus a nice 20kg bass. Inshore for cod and teris is going well with gurnard and kahawai as well. The harbour has been producing excellent gurnard along the Halswell to Gordan stretch with the odd snapper, elephantfish and a few cod and teris. Out west the snapper have started to fire with good numbers and the odd biggie as well. Kapiti has been better than further south but I'll bet they will be everywhere very soon. The water temp is up to around 15 on the south coast and harbour and a bit more out west. Hav'nt heard of any kingis but its time to start looking. Surfcasters and whitebaiters have been quiet but they are a cunning bunch that's hard to extract catch info out of. No reports of quality fish from the shore but plenty of kahawai, redcod and spineys

15 Sept 2016

We've had great fishing and absolutely crap fishing lately
Its happened to us in the harbour on the south coast and at the trench. very unpredictable
Last sunday we caught a nice bag of bluenose, bass, ling and hoki at the Trench. Every drop of the day day produced fish with some nice bass and bluenose up around the 20kg mark. Yesterday we hit the same tide and water conditions but the fish were not there. Bugger

The harbours been similar with great gurnard fishing one day then tough the next. Theres been plenty of kahawai around the harbour entrance and gurnard around Point Hallswell.
I think it pays to move around this time of the year and not go back to a spot you did well at on a recent trip. Its hard because your gut instinct is to go back to where you did well last time but it can sure backfire on you. I suppose the opposite can also be correct. thats fishin!

Theres been one or two very nice snapper getting caught out west recently. It maybe the advance big fish which usually turn up once the water starts to warm, or it could be the hardy resident fish which have been around all winter.
Its probably spawning time for puka now. Bluenose are supposed to spawn at this time of the year but the ones we have been catching have had little or no spwan in them. Can anyone shed some light on this? I used to think march/april was bluenose spawning time.......

Surfcasters continue to be ellusive. It was the first shore comp for the local WSAC club last w.end. It as fishable on the south on sunday but too swelly on saturday. I have heard of a few spotty shakrs getting caught in the porirua/paremata area. It is a good time to surfcast makara for tarakihi, trevally and kahawai. If the south coast cleans up there could be some early season moki around for those who put the effort in. Nice bluecod come in close to shore this time of the year and get caught at longbeach, batch beach, pencarrow and cape palliser



20th august 2016

had one report of a good catch of bluenose at the trench but generally fishing out there has been tough with mainly ling around. some small puka  have been caught near ohau.

the best fishing has been anchoring up at places like west ledge and fitzroy. Tarakihi,  gurnard and kahawai have been going well. we got a big blue mack and a blindy in fitz the other day. quite unusual.

mainly kahawai and gurnard this week.
workups along the ngaranga stretch.

some nice spotty sharks at wainui and palliser bay.

cant complain about the weather but the fishing was a bit tough over the full moon

weather link

use this for forcasts

metservice forcast

fishing report 5.9.16

deepwater - plenty of ling but bass and bluenose have bee hard to find. no-ones really been giving the puka a hit either but there may be still a ferw around the usual haunts, particularly the fish under 8kgs

inshore southcoast - Fitzroys been the place with good fishing and shelter. Baring head for the turn of tide in 60-70mtrs for big teris and cod

harbour - some good elephantfish and kahawai around the edge of the shipping channel, but the gurnard have been harder to catch. Its trevally time at the entrance on the sand. Point Gordans also worth a bash if you get the wind with the tide.

westcoast inshore - no reports but Makara down to Ohau is always good at this time of the year for trevally, tarakhi, cod and the odd surprize

surfcasting - Good kahawai around most areas but here opne day, gone the next. Good time for a makara or pencarrow trevally. spotty sharks in Pallsier Bay.

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