Pete Lamb Annual Fishing Competition June 16, 17, 18 2017

Boat and shore fishing sections, kids, juniors, ladies and kayaks

$10,000 + in prize value

cost - $30pp Open section, $20pp shore only, $10pp junior section, $5pp kids section

Species of fish
Open section - kahawai, tarakihi, bluecod, gurnard, snapper, kingfish, groper/bass/bluenose
shore only - redcod, blue moki, spotted shark, barracouta, trevally
kids - spotty, herring, mackerel, parrotfish

shore fishers may enter the open section and compete for both shore and open species
Juniors (up to 15yrs) can compete in open and shore sections


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1. The Competition will run 5am Friday 16th June to 3pm Sunday 18th June 2017. All fish must be caught on rod and reel, or hand line. No unattended lines permitted. 2 hooks per rig and 2 rods per angler permitted to be fished at any one time. Anglers must bring there own fish to the shore/boat un-aided unless in the kids section.

2. Juniors, kids and ladies must be entered in the shore or boat section to be eligible for prizes in those sections

3. Fishing may be done off the shore, rocks, boat or kayak.

4. Fishing area – Castlepoint to Cape Palliser and along the south coast to Cape Terawhiti, inside Wellington harbour and up to 10 miles offshore. Cape Terawhiti up to Tehoro beach (on the west). Excluding the cook strait cable zone and marine reserves

5. Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing, and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. As a mandatory requirement all boats must carry an operable VHF radio, 1 flare and lifejacket per person, first aid kit and cellphone. VHF radio in kayak is optional.

6. Weighins - Friday 4-5pm, Saturday 4-5pm, Sunday 3-4pm @ Pete's Shops. All fish must be left whole (no gutting) and be in good condition (kept on ice).

7. The Competition briefing and updates will be posted on and on Pete Lamb Fishing's Facebook page

8. Boating can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. Skippers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own boats, crew and boating equipment. All entrants, boat owners and spectators participate at their own risk. Pete Lamb Fishing Ltd, its employees, sponsors and volunteers (together "the organizers") accept no responsibility in any respect for personal injury, loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the Competition, regardless of cause. Each entrant releases the organizers to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any incident associated with the Competition. Each entrant also agrees not to bring any action, claim or demand against the organizers in respect of the Competition and agrees to indemnify the organizers for all the costs, claims, demands, expenses (including full legal expenses) arising in respect of their participation in the Competition. The holding of the Competition does not constitute an endorsement by the organizers that the weather or sea conditions are suitable for the boats and/or entrants.

9. The Competition is held in the spirit of amateur fishing and fair competition. If, in the opinion of the Fishing Competition Committee, competitors have breached the spirit of the Competition then the Committee reserves the right to exclude competitor(s). The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final.

10. Prize list may change on the Fishing Committee's decision.

11. The Fishing Competition Committee reserves the right to designate a restricted fishing area should the weather deem it necessary to do so. The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final in all matters to do with this fishing competition. It would pay to check prior to the days fishing if there are any restrictions in place.

12. Cancellation of fishing will be on and on Pete's Facebook page. If all days are cancelled then the competition will be rescheduled to the next available weekend.

13. Any prizes not struck will be drawn out of the hat.

14. Anglers may only weighin one fish per specie, per day

15. In the event of a tie the 1st angler weighing in wins

16. One fish is only eligible for one prize


if you can help ph 0274439750 or email

Pete Lamb Fishing - Fishing Charters in Wellington


There are three types of trips we commonly book. Four hour trips are generally inside the harbour, 6 hour trips are out onto the South Coast and 9 hour full day trips are out to the deepwater, like the Trench and may include some inshore fishing as well.

What's included in a trip

We provide bait, expert help, tea, coffee, toast, fruit, something on the bbq (share cost trips) and filleting of all fish caught.

Charters Coming Up

There are other days available. Phone the booking office on 045894326

or email for details

Some of these dates are subject to change

25 May - Available from Tomorrow Annual maintenance finished
26 May - 4, 6 or 9 morning trip possible - Book! - Enquire
26 May - possible 4hr trip - Book! - Enquire
27 May - 4hr Trip Provisionally Fully booked - Enquire
27 May - Morning trip 4 or 6hr trip - 7-12 spots - Book! - Enquire
28 May - Morning 4 or 6 Hr taking bookings - Book! - Enquire
28 May - 1.30pm 4hr Harbour trip - Birthday Party provisionally FULLY BOOKED SORRY
29 May - Full Day Trip need 10-12 people - Book! - Enquire
30 May - unavailable til 7th june
7 Jun - Available from Tomorrow
8 Jun - available 4, 6hr or full day - Book! - Enquire
9 Jun - Fully booked full day
10 Jun - 1.30pm 4hr 14 spots - Book! - Enquire
11 Jun - 6hr sth coast trip - 5 spots - Book! - Enquire
11 Jun - 1.30pm 4hr harbour trip Provionally Full - Enquire
12 Jun - available for 4, 6 or 9hr trips - Book! - Enquire
16 Jun - Pete lamb annual fishing comp boat and shore Boat available for bookings taking 4, 6 and 9 hr trips based on numbers - Book! - Enquire
18 Jun - 7.00am Full day 14 spots - Book! - Enquire
24 Jun - Sorry fully booked
30 Jun - Fully Booked TODAY SORRY
Fish like this hapuku (groper) are often caught on our full-day 9-hour deepwater trips, along with bluenose and bass of similar proportions.
Bluecod along with tarakihi are a comon catch on the 6hr south coast trips. We also catch kingfish, snapper, school hapuku, trevally, warehou, gurnard and kahawai
Gurnard like this one are commonly caught on our 4hr harbour trips. We also catch kahawai, elephantfish, trevally, snapper, kingfish, bluecod and tarakihi.
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