Next share cost trips - 4hr and 6hr trips Saturday 24th March 7am and 1.30pm

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There are three types of trips we commonly book. Four hour trips are generally inside the harbour, 6 hour trips are out onto the South Coast and 9 hour full day trips are out to the deepwater, like the Trench and may include some inshore fishing as well.

What's included in a trip

What's included in a trip

We provide bait, expert help, tea, coffee, toast, fruit, something on the bbq (share cost trips) and filleting of all fish caught.

Fishing gear and meals can be provided for an extra cost

Charters Coming Up

There are other days available. Phone the booking office on 045894326

or email for details

Some of these dates are subject to change

20 Mar - Tuesday - half day trip ex mana - Book! - Enquire
21 Mar - Wednesday - full day trip ex mana
24 Mar - 6hr 7am trip inshroe fishing mana, $150pp - Book! - Enquire
24 Mar - 1.30pm 4hr trip ex mana $100pp - Book! - Enquire
28 Mar - unavailable till 3 april
29 Mar - unavailable
30 Mar - unavailable
31 Mar - unavailable
1 Apr - unavailable
2 Apr - unavailable
3 Apr - unavailable
7 Apr - Saturday - booked all day
14 Apr - tentative day trip booked - Enquire
20 Apr - friday - tentatively booked 7am to 1pm - Enquire
21 Apr - provisionally booked - Enquire
22 Apr - 4 or 6hr trip 12.30pm - Book! - Enquire
25 Apr - Wednesday - day trip - Book! - Enquire
18 Feb - 4, 6 or 9hr trip - Book! - Enquire

Fish like this bass are caught on our full-day 9-hour deepwater trips, along with bluenose and Hapuku (groper), king, hoki and gemfish.

Bluecod along with tarakihi are a comon catch on the 6hr south coast trips. We also catch kingfish, snapper, school hapuku, trevally, warehou, gurnard and kahawai
Gurnard like this one are commonly caught on our 4hr harbour trips. We also catch kahawai, elephantfish, trevally, snapper, kingfish, bluecod and tarakihi.
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