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Latest fishing Report

May 2014

The fishing has been pretty good lately. As soon as this bad weather goes away, look out fish.

South coast - The 30-40mtr mark on the edge of foul has been the go for bluecod and tarakihi with larger specimen in the 50-70mtr mark. XOS teris are also good in the 80-100mtr mark. Some good gurnard and trevs are still getting on the sand in Fitzroy and Lyall bay. A few kingis are still cruising the 100mtr mark. We scored a rare John Dory at Sinclair head last week too. They are not that common on the south coast. Try and fish the edge of a reef area. Both sides of the marine reserve can be good for cod and teris. Baring head is good for cod and teris but is hard fishing with big tides. Turakerei is good for teris (50 – 90mtr) and Karori is good for bluecod (30 – 60mtrs).

The Trench - The bluenose are back form the spawn and some big ones have been caught over 20kg recently. There are still good numbers of hoki too with a few ling in the deeper water. We lost a real stonker of a bass the other day and caught a small one. As usual the outgoing tide has been best for bluenose with the turn of tide best for puka and bass. The main bluenose spot off Baring Head also produced on the incoming tide. The 200mtr Turakerei spot is still producing a few nice puka.
Harbour - There's been a good run of snapper off Point Gordon to Kau bay recently. We caught 45 in 3 trips on the Daniel last week which is the best fishing I’ve seen on the boat. We were fishing 20mtrs on the edge of a little bit foul ground. Falcon Shoal is still the place for tarakihi and bluecod with the odd elephant fish, warehou, trevally and gurnard. Ward Island is still pretty good fishing too at times. The snapper there and along the Eastbourne coastline are still worth chasing. Gurnard fishing is still good from Ward Island along the coast to Pencarrow. For best results try and get the wind with the tide when fishing the harbour
West coast - Snapper fishing has been going off all up and down the coast. If you havnt been catching them I’m happy to email you some spots and info to help you out. The Mana bridge, Pukerua Bay, Plimmerton, sth end of Mana, 50mtr hole, Makara fenceline and Oahu - Tecam points have all been producing. Kingis are still around too with the usual haunts like hunters Boom, north end of Mana, Pukerua on the sand and Wairaka Rise. The Puka out at Fishermans have been coming back as well as the Makara staircase, out wide from Mana and the 4 bumps north of Fishermans. I hear Verns was been great for teris with some good trevs have been caught at Hunters, Pukerua, Tecam and the Mana Bridge.


Surfcasting – Carl Angst caught a 7.5 and 8.5kg snapper off the west coast recently. These are my 4 best areas for snaps on the west – south end of Opau bay on the rocks, south of Titahi bay, Wiraka rock at Pukerua bay, Paikakariki and Te-horo beaches. Some good moki have been caught at Oteranga, Long beach and Fitzroy lately. Don’t discount places like Wainui, Corner creek, Windy, batch beach and Cape Palliser. There’s been a good run of large kahawai in the harbour and on the local south coast. Miramar, White rock and Castlepoint are the gurnard hotspots. Spotty sharks have been best at White rock with a few at Corner Creek, Whangamoana and Wainui. Harbour snapper have been around Eastborne, Miramar and Point Gordan. A late season kingi could be taken at Tecam, Boom or Castlepoint   


Photo: Bluenose on an eggbeater!



The Double Glazing Guys

Pete Lamb Fishing Comp – Part 2

25/26 July     $3000 worth of prizes

Comp Results - part 2


Spotty shark
Anthony Sanger 9.29
Jarrod Flitcroft 1.17

Kahawai (if no moki weighed)
Gideon Tekahika 2.16
Ricky Nunez 2.15
Oliver Chow Worn 1.60

gunard -
1 - draw - Paul Burcham
2 - draw - Ben Martin

Nigel Searle 2.58
2 - draw - Julia McIntosh

Red cod
Ricky Nunez 1.83
Jarrod Flitcroft 1.55


Sean Feer 20.23
Chris Northmore 9.5
Ravi Kash 6.5

Tom Kino 3.11
2nd - draw - John Crawford
3rd - draw - Gage Kramer

Tarakihi (if no john dory weighed)
Tom Kino 1.28
Mike Kapua 1.2
Steve Brown 0.89

Steve Brown 5.78
2nd - draw - Peniata

kingfish (or bluecod)
1 - draw - Dave Davies
2 - draw - Michael Mauiga
3 - draw - Dan O'Donell

1 - draw - Manaia Ramek

1 - draw - Makesi Mulu

1 - draw - Alex Randell
2 - draw - Natasha Kapua
3 - draw - Scott Wilson


Saturday - It was a good day out on the water today with light winds an virtually no swell. Bass were caught to 20kg, some bluenose, a nice warehou and some tarakihi and bluecod. Some anglers who caught bluenose and bluecod but didnt weighin and missed out on prizes. Never mind, they were drawn from the random number generator instead.

Shore it was kahawai, redcod and barracouta with a few spotty sharks. Anthony Sanger caught the best fish off the shore for both parts with a 9.29kg Spotty shark from Ocean beach. The wind got up to a gale on Sunday whch canceled the boat section but the shore anglers kept at it. It was a shame to see no moki weighed in. Its been a tough season for them all round.



Heaviest fish


Blue moki (or kahawai if no moki caught)

1st - $500 Al Chambers carpentry or double glazing voucher

2nd - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

3rd - $50 tackle package

Spotty shark (or kahawai if no spotty shark caught)

1st - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

2nd - $50 tackle package


1st - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

2nd - $50 tackle package


1st - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

2nd - $50 tackle package

Red Cod

1st - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

2nd - $50 tackle package


Bass (drawn from hat if none caught) 

1st - Plano tackle bag and NZ fishing news 12mth sub

2nd - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

3rd - $50 tackle package

Bluenose (drawn from hat if none caught)

1st - Seaview marina 12month launching pass plus Shimano gimbal and Katch1 king jig

2nd - $100 tackle package including Tasline braid

3rd - $50 tackle package




John dory (or tarakihi if no JD caught)

1st - Hookum Gaff and 12mth NZ fishing News subscription

2nd - Hookum Gaff and Katch1 king jig

3rd - $50 tackle package


1st - 12mth NZ Fishing News Sub and tshirt

2nd - $50 tackle package


1st - $50 tackle package



Kingfish (or Bluecod if no kingfish caught)

1st - $500 Al Chambers carpentry or double glazing voucher

2nd - 12mth NZ Fishing News Sub and Leigh Page softbait/slowjig kit

3rd - $50 tackle package


1st - $50 tackle package



Parrotfish (Banded or scarlett, boat or shore)

1st - rod, reel and tackle kit

2nd - rod, reel

3rd - fishing tackle



Overview of the Comp

It was looking so good leading up the comp with 10 knot variable wind forecast for Cook but on Saturday the southerly got up at 7am 19-23knots and the swell made it unfishable on the south coast.
A few Surfcasters caught some fish in Palliser bay but nothing major. The West coast was out due to the bug northerlies the day before leaving a 2mtr swell there.
It was harbour fishing pretty much all day which was pleasant from Point Halswell to Mahanga bay, inside Evans bay and Oriental and along the Seatoun stretch. Nth of Ward island was pretty good too.
On Sunday it all came right with 10-15knot northerlies. The swell almost disappeared on the south and west coasts. The water was a little dirty but the fish were there to be found if you put the effort in and had luck on your side.

We had close to 200 anglers entered this year made up of 125 boaties, 65 shore fishers, 5 kayaks, 17 juniors, 17 kids and 31 ladies
42 people weighed on Saturday and 49 weighed on Sunday
Species weighed - banded wrasse (kelpie) 8, barracouta 6, bluecod 12, elephantfish 4, hapuku 6, herring 4, kahawai 52, mackerel 5, redcod 3, snapper 2, spotty, spotty shark 1, tarakihi 19, trevally 2, warehou 1

It was strange no snapper came in from the west coast and no bluenose and moki. Normally these species are always caught. Hapuku came from Sinclair head and Fishermans.
I think the surfcasters got caught out after Saturday was almost a write-off. It was pretty fishable on the south and west coasts on Sunday morning but not many went out thinking it would be too rough, it was pretty good. Redcod, couta, and gurnard should have been caught off the shore but i think some surfcasters caught fish and didn’t bother thinking there would be bigger fish weighed in.
The tarakihi and kahawai were easier to catch but bluecod, gurnard and elephant fish proved harder. The dirty water certainly effected fishing but didn’t put the fish off completely.

Jordan Mills had some hard luck, his step dad’s boat got locked in at Seaview marina and it took 3 hours on Saturday to get it unlocked. When they tried to start the engine the battery was flat, got that fixed and went fishing. For some reason he caught and released a large 1.5-2kg gurnard which probably would have won him a $500 prize.
Max K and his mother in law entered the comp and came out on the Daniel. His mother in law hooked a big fish on the last drop of the day but it was too much for her so Max reeled it in for her. It turned out to be a 35kg hapuku but was not eligible for the comp as it needed to be caught un-aided by one person. Luckily Max also caught the 17kg fish which won the biggest puka section anyway.

I apologize for our computer system not recognizing juniors/ladies and some open section entrants into the particular section they were fishing in which resulted in a few entrants winning prizes which were different to the prizegiving at the Gasworks. The main ones were Zach Thompson winning the bluecod section and Spencer Brown winning the kahawai section.

This will be fixed next year by everyone purchasing tickets for either shore or boat and for the ladies/junior/kayak they will have to tell the weighmaster while weighin in they are in that particular section as well so it can be highlighted. We will try and sort something out for teams and most species as well.

Our left over big prizes had to be used for some of the botch ups but we still have a bit of stuff left.

Our online entering system didn’t work. It was something to do with the longitude and latitude marks not being recognized.
Did anyone have problems trying to enter. All I heard back was from Zach Thompson dad GT that they couldn’t download their photos.

Many events have a big team of volunteers to help run them. If our fishing comp wants to increase in prize value, fishing sections and in overall length, we need volunteers. Maybe we can run a fishing festival with the latest gear, cooking and other stuff along side?
Maybe it’s good the way it is? What do you think?
We will be calling for volunteers to approach business's and sponsors in October/November this year to tee up prizes for next year’s event. If we can get about 20 extra businesses’ to give $250 - $500 (or more) of prizes, cash or product it will increase our prize pool hugely. We have been negotiating with a brewery for major sponsorship so hopefully there will be a major prize next year. I believe the Inter-islander gives away vouchers for comps and the WCC and Hutt councils may be able to help with funding?

I’m happy to take any volunteers and sponsors out fishing and out to dinner to say thanks.

I’m also keen to increase our entrants too. You would think with 350,000 people in Wellington we should be able to convince 1% to go fishing in the comp, especially juniors and kids. Has anyone got any good ideas for that?

Food for thought!



Double Glazing Guys Shore

Blue Moki - None Weighed

Spotty Shark - 1st  3.75 Tim Goulden (only 1 weighed)

Red Cod - 1st  0.93 Anthony Sanger (only 1 weighed)

Barracouta - 1st 1.28 Peniata (only 1 weighed)

Banded Wrasse - 1st  1.48 Jj Henare, 2nd  1.09 Dave Davies,  3rd 0.91 Russell Hockley

Gurnard - 1st  0.36 Anthony Sanger


Gasworks Boat

Blue Cod - 1st  1.02 Zach Thompson, 2nd 1.00 Richard TeTau, 3rd  0.97 Sarah Te Tau

Tarakihi - 1st  2.00 Andy MacEwan, 2nd  1.8 Robbie Clapham, 3rd 1.72 Murray Davis

Elephant Fish - 1st  4.7 Baz Ray, 2nd 2.32 Raewyn Earle, 3rd 2.14 Mathew Carnachan, 4th 2.00 Aaron Bradley

Gurnard - 1st  1.34 Robin Schofield, 2nd  0.92 Fletcher Fink (Junior), 3rd 0.74 Michael Mitchell

Trevally - 1st  2.26 Thomas Vollebregt, 2nd  2.01 Mark Saxton

John Dory - None Caught

Warehou - 1st  3.22 Kevin Moorecraft


Penn Deepwater

Bluenose - None Caught

Hapuku - 1st  17.8 Max K, 2nd  12.66 Lindsay Mills, 3rd 12.36 Colin Luu

Bass - None Caught


Tasline Kids

Spotty - 1st  0.42 Amelia Chow Worn, 2nd  0.34 Sebastion Chow Worn, 3rd 0.18 Zacch Snow
Herring - 1st  0.24 Bella Snow, 2nd  0.2 Zacch Snow, 3rd equal 0.14 Zach Thompson & Thomas Garrod

 Mackerel - 1st  1.86 Natasha Kapua, 2nd  0.67 Zacch Snow, 3rd 0.23 Amelia chow worn

 Parrotfish - none caught


Katch1 Ladies

 1st  Hapuku 10.89 Sarah Te Tau, 2nd  Elephant Fish 2.32 Raewyn Earle, 3rd Kahawai 1.75 Ruby Douglas (junior)


Shimano Junior

 1st  Barracouta 3.84 Spencer Brown, 2nd  Kahawai 2.00 Hunter Fink, 3rd Kahawai 1.98 Fletcher Fink


Wgtn Canoe and Kayak

 1st  Kahawai 2.29 rowan wright, 2nd 2.17 Rob Tilbery, 3rd  Kahawai 2.03 Dyson Jones


SOUTHERN Bait Open (shore or boat)

Kahawai - 1st  2.76 Spencer Brown (junior), 2nd 2.36 Joe Todd, 3rd 2.29 Rowan Wright

Snapper - 1st  1.76 Thomas Vollebregt, 2nd  0.5 Michael Mauiga

King Fish No legal fish caught


Additional sponsors

Kilwell Sports,    ITM Fishing Show,    Seafood Fishing Industry Council,    Alana Estate Wines


Weighins - at both shops both days   Saturday 4-5pm, Sunday 3-4pm

15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai. Ph 04 3878150, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unit 11, 100 Port Rd, Seaview. Ph 04 5894326, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spot prizes + prizes for Kids and Juniors (Saturday).

Spot prizes + prizes for Ladies (Sunday).


Prize-giving - Sunday 21st June 6pm at Gasworks Miramar - 11 Tauhinu Rd

‘The Kina Brothers’ band will be playing prior to the Prize-giving

There will be at least $2000 worth of spot prizes given away at the Prize-giving


Online fishing section

If you can’t make the weigh-in or want to release your fish, then enter the ONLINE FISHING SECTION. Fish are only eligible for the online comp or the main comp but not both.

Winners decided on length of fish caught over the weekend.

Fish not eligible - bass, bluenose and hapuku.

Prizes will be allocated 24hrs after completion of the comp 

Details on





Sat25 Jul
low 05:320.7m    high 11:431.5m    low 17:590.7m
Sun26 Jul - low 06:110.7m    high 12:261.5m  




The tide runs from east to west on the outgoing and from west to east on the incoming tide on the South coast. Lyall Bay to Karori Light - the tide is normally 1.5 hrs early on the high and 2.5hours early on the low. Be careful with wind against tide at Karori Light, Sinclair Head and Baring Head



Sat25 Jul high 03:45 1.3m      low 09:51 0.7m    high 16:17  1.3m   low 22:200.7m
Sun26 Jul high 04:45 1.3m      low 10:51 0.7m     

The tide runs south on the outgoing tide and north on the incoming tide on the west coast. It can be 1 hour early at Makara and Ohau and one hour late out wide from Pukerua Bay. It can be 3hours early at the 50mtr mark south of Mana Island.
Be careful with wind against tide on the north and south end of Mana, Plimmerton Point, Fishermans Rock and Ohau Point. 




first 1/4 24 july (small tides)


Boat Fishing

Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing,

and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. This is an official TRIP REPORT

and must include # of people on board, boat name, where leaving from and where going.

You can do an extra trip report into Wgtn Maritime Radio on VHF channel 16 or 0800MARITIME.

Shipping reports and weather can be heard on Becon Hill Harbour radio on VHF channel 14.

Pete's vessel Daniel can be contacted on channel 14 or 16 then switch to working channel 4 or 6


1. The Competition will run 5am Saturday 25th July to 3pm Sunday 26th July 2015

2. All fish must be caught on rod and reel, or hand line. No unattended lines permitted. 2 hooks per rig and 2 rods per angler permitted to be fished at any one time. Anglers must bring there own fish to the shore/boat un-aided unless in the kids section.

3. Fishing may be done off the shore, rocks, boat or kayak.

4. Fishing area – Castlepoint to Cape Palliser and along the south coast to Cape Terawhiti, inside Wellington harbour and up to 10 miles offshore. Cape Terawhiti up to Otaki river (on the west). Excluding the cook strait cable zone and marine reserves

5. Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing, and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. As a mandatory requirement all boats must carry an operable VHF radio, 1 flare and lifejacket per person, first aid kit and cellphone. VHF radio in kayak is optional.

6. Weighins - Saturday 4-5pm @ Pete's shops. 3-4pm Sunday 26th July @ Pete's Shops. All fish must be left whole (no gutting) and be in good condition (kept on ice).

7. The Competition briefing and updates will be posted on and on Pete Lamb Fishing's Facebook page

8. Boating can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. Skippers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own boats, crew and boating equipment. All entrants, boat owners and spectators participate at their own risk. Pete Lamb Fishing Ltd, its employees, sponsors and volunteers (together "the organizers") accept no responsibility in any respect for personal injury, loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the Competition, regardless of cause. Each entrant releases the organizers to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any incident associated with the Competition. Each entrant also agrees not to bring any action, claim or demand against the organizers in respect of the Competition and agrees to indemnify the organizers for all the costs, claims, demands, expenses (including full legal expenses) arising in respect of their participation in the Competition. The holding of the Competition does not constitute an endorsement by the organizers that the weather or sea conditions are suitable for the boats and/or entrants.

9. The Competition is held in the spirit of amateur fishing and fair competition. If, in the opinion of the Fishing Competition Committee, competitors have breached the spirit of the Competition then the  Committee reserves the right to exclude competitor(s). The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final.

10. Prize list may change on the Fishing Committee's decision.

11. The Fishing Competition Committee reserves the right to designate a restricted fishing area should the weather deem it necessary to do so. The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final in all matters to do with this fishing competition. It would pay to check prior to the days fishing if there are any restrictions in place.

12. Cancellation of fishing will be on and on Newstalk ZB (1035AM). If all days are cancelled then the competition will be rescheduled to the next available weekend.

13. Any prizes not struck will be drawn out of the hat

14. Anglers may only weighin one fish per specie, per day

15. In the event of a tie the 1st angler weighing in wins

16. One fish is only eligible for one prize