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Latest fishing Report

May 2014

The fishing has been pretty good lately. As soon as this bad weather goes away, look out fish.

South coast - The 30-40mtr mark on the edge of foul has been the go for bluecod and tarakihi with larger specimen in the 50-70mtr mark. XOS teris are also good in the 80-100mtr mark. Some good gurnard and trevs are still getting on the sand in Fitzroy and Lyall bay. A few kingis are still cruising the 100mtr mark. We scored a rare John Dory at Sinclair head last week too. They are not that common on the south coast. Try and fish the edge of a reef area. Both sides of the marine reserve can be good for cod and teris. Baring head is good for cod and teris but is hard fishing with big tides. Turakerei is good for teris (50 – 90mtr) and Karori is good for bluecod (30 – 60mtrs).

The Trench - The bluenose are back form the spawn and some big ones have been caught over 20kg recently. There are still good numbers of hoki too with a few ling in the deeper water. We lost a real stonker of a bass the other day and caught a small one. As usual the outgoing tide has been best for bluenose with the turn of tide best for puka and bass. The main bluenose spot off Baring Head also produced on the incoming tide. The 200mtr Turakerei spot is still producing a few nice puka.
Harbour - There's been a good run of snapper off Point Gordon to Kau bay recently. We caught 45 in 3 trips on the Daniel last week which is the best fishing I’ve seen on the boat. We were fishing 20mtrs on the edge of a little bit foul ground. Falcon Shoal is still the place for tarakihi and bluecod with the odd elephant fish, warehou, trevally and gurnard. Ward Island is still pretty good fishing too at times. The snapper there and along the Eastbourne coastline are still worth chasing. Gurnard fishing is still good from Ward Island along the coast to Pencarrow. For best results try and get the wind with the tide when fishing the harbour
West coast - Snapper fishing has been going off all up and down the coast. If you havnt been catching them I’m happy to email you some spots and info to help you out. The Mana bridge, Pukerua Bay, Plimmerton, sth end of Mana, 50mtr hole, Makara fenceline and Oahu - Tecam points have all been producing. Kingis are still around too with the usual haunts like hunters Boom, north end of Mana, Pukerua on the sand and Wairaka Rise. The Puka out at Fishermans have been coming back as well as the Makara staircase, out wide from Mana and the 4 bumps north of Fishermans. I hear Verns was been great for teris with some good trevs have been caught at Hunters, Pukerua, Tecam and the Mana Bridge.


Surfcasting – Carl Angst caught a 7.5 and 8.5kg snapper off the west coast recently. These are my 4 best areas for snaps on the west – south end of Opau bay on the rocks, south of Titahi bay, Wiraka rock at Pukerua bay, Paikakariki and Te-horo beaches. Some good moki have been caught at Oteranga, Long beach and Fitzroy lately. Don’t discount places like Wainui, Corner creek, Windy, batch beach and Cape Palliser. There’s been a good run of large kahawai in the harbour and on the local south coast. Miramar, White rock and Castlepoint are the gurnard hotspots. Spotty sharks have been best at White rock with a few at Corner Creek, Whangamoana and Wainui. Harbour snapper have been around Eastborne, Miramar and Point Gordan. A late season kingi could be taken at Tecam, Boom or Castlepoint   


Photo: Bluenose on an eggbeater!






June 6, 7, 8 June - 2014

Area - Kapiti to Wgtn to Castlepoint 


There were just over 202 anglers fishing in various sections - shore (78), boat (124), kayak (7), ladies (34), juniors (10), kids (26), shore team (8), boat team (9), shore most species (16) and boat most species (18).

The weather was a mixed bag. Friday was 10knot northerlies rising to 20knots through the day. Saturday was 15 knot northerlies rising to 20 and sometimes 30knots then easing in the evening. Sunday was 10 knots north changing to a 15 - 20knot southerly around midday then easing. It was not cold until Sunday abo and there was no swell on the south coast until the southerly came. Out west it was pretty fishable on the Friday, moderate on Saturday and good on Sunday.

Shore section - There were some good moki and snapper weighed in all in the 3-4kg bracket. The 3 heaviest snapper for the comp were all caught at Ocean Beach off the shore which was unusual as there were plenty of snapper getting caught in boats leading up to the comp but not many caught on comp weekend.
The two heaviest moki were nice fish too at 3-4kg. The heaviest snapper man, Davis (Dipak Narayan) caught a weighed 10kg moki off Greta Point a couple of weeks ago. He tried the same spot on the comp but no go.   
Plenty of redcod and kahawai were caught as well as a good number of couta and banded parrots. Only two spotty sharks and one gurnard were weighed in. Next year we will probably add bluecod and tarakihi to the shore list.
The most species was a tough contest won by Daryl Murphy with 4 out of a possible 9 caught and Mereana Henry coming 2nd with 3. 
The shore team section was won by team "Gangnam Style" with 5 points and 2nd  team Moki Poki with 3 points. Each team member (up to 4 angler) gets a point each for moki, kahawai, gurnard and spotty shark weighed in. Points were hard to come by off the shore as kahawai are never guaranteed and the other fish are genuinely hard to catch

Boat section -  We had approximately 35 boats out over the weekend including 5 launches, 7 kayaks and a variety of runabouts and sportfishing vessels. The trench and out wide at Mana were fishable on friday and sunday mornings but a bit lumpy at other times. It was unusual for the bluenose not to be biting but they have been hit and miss lately. Luckily the hapuku were biting with sveral fish around the 20kg mark. Small bass were around in the trench but no monsters. Jade Lamb took fish of the tournament with a 21.5kg hapuku which took out the $1000 cash and the ladies and junior section.
Kingfish made a bit of a comeback with fish caught and lost on the south coast, harbour and out at Hunters on the west coast. A 28kg fish was caught off Point Gordon but not in the comp. Lee Page and his family got three nice fish at hunters with 1st, 2nd and 4th place. The water temp was up to 15 degrees and it surprizing more snapper wernt caught. I think it was a case of not many people out west targeting them and the harbour didnt fire. There is some good snaps getting caught 50-70mtrs on the west and in shallow down off Ohau and Tecam points.
Murray Davis's team More toys cleaned up the team section weighing in 4 kahawai and gurnard all three days. Jamie Southeran's team J'nS came in 2nd with a very respectable 18 points. Both those totals were best ever in the 11yrs of running the comp.
Craig Boyes had another good year with heaviest trevally and elephantfish, 1st and 2nd kayak prizes and 3rd equal in the boat species.
Zack Snow (8yrs) got a creditable 2nd place in the boat species. I might even run a separate kids most species. 
We had a great prizegiving at Chicago Sports Cafe at Queens wharf. I had good feedback on the food, seating and ambience of the place. I had no complaints about the Pete Lamb Fishing Band so i presume you guys enjoyed our fishing blues, classic rock and easy listning tunes.
Thanks to my hard working staff at seaview and rongotai. Greg did an awesome job teeing up prizes and coordinating results and Ranch, Horse, Schoey, Chip, Alan and Graham all did invaluable help at weighins, selling tickets, setting up the prizegiving. 
Thanks also to the sponsors and all you good folks for participating. We are open for feedback and help, especially teeing up sponsors, advertising, weighins and coordinating results. If anyone knows of a computer program we could run for this it would be excellent.

$1000 cash prizes

snapper - Davis Ranayka 3.29kg

deepwater fish - Jade Jamb 21.5kg hapuku

kahawai - Rowan Wright 2.7kg


Southern Bait Combined boat/shore section

kingfish - Leigh Page 18.73kg, Jamie-Lee Page 10.12kg, Dan Comber 7.97kg (all boat caught)

snapper - Davis 3.29kg, Tony Stenhouse 3.18kg and 2.53kg (all shore caught)

kahawai - Rowan Wright 2.7kg, Mark Saxton 2.54kg and 2.45kg (all boat caught)


Kilwell Boat section

hapuku - Jade Lamb 21.5kg, Brian Ramage 20.5kg, Rick Chapman 20.25kg

bass - Maurice Kapua 6.39kg, Gordan Saunders 4.57kg, Mike Kapua 4.24kg

bluenose - none caught

john dory - Gavin Henderson 1.8kg, Eric Jaspers 1.66kg

trevally - Craig Boyes 2.43kg, Sam Cooper 1.89 and 1.68kg

gurnard - Anthony Murray 1.57kg, Steve Tobin 1.48kg, James Southeran 1.43kg

elephantfish - Craig Boyes 4.41kg, Rob Schofield 4.33kg

tarakihi - Dale Boorer 2.25kg, Dave Sherlock 2.21kg, Gavin Henderson  2.20kg

bluecod - Stu Robb 3.22kg, Andy McEwan 2.09kg, Mike Kapua 1.95kg


Pete Lamb Fishing Shore section

gurnard - Joshua Todd 0.46kg

barracouta - Chris Scarlet 2.78kg, Jason Mercer 2.49kg, Kriss Papp 2.41kg

banded wrasse - Time Henley 1.49kg, Tony Stenhouse 1.23kg, Daryl Murphy 0.96kg

redcod - Rob Mortimer 2.12kg, Leim 2.1kg, Rob Mercer 2.1kg, Nui Parakura 1.77kg

spotty shark - James Southeran 3.18kg, Daryl Murphy 2.19kg

blue moki - Robbie Clapham 3.68kg, Andrew Rameka 3.37kg, Mereana Henry 1.24kg


Shimano Team section

shore - team Gangnam Style 5 points, team Moki Poki 3 points

boat - Team More Toys 24 points, Team J'n'S 18


Chicago Sports Cafe Ladies section - best fish

Jade lamb 21.5kg hapuku, Jamie-Lee Page 10.12kg kingfish, Julia McKintosh 13kg hapuku


Recon Security Most Species section

shore - Daryl Murphy (4), Mereana Henry (3). Tony Stenhouse, Andrew Rameka and Mereana all caught 3 species but Mereana weighed in 1st.

boat - Steve Brown (7), Zac Snow (6), Craig Boyes (6). Zac weighed in 1st to claim 2nd spot


Tasline Junior section - best fish

Jade Lamb 21.5kg Hapuku, Carlos Orupe kahawai 2.06kg, Nicola Steiner, Bella Snow, Oliver Snow all 1.78kg kahawai, Joshua Todd 1,75kg kahawai  


Wgtn Canoe and kayak section - best fish

1 Craig boyes 4.41kg elephantfish, 2 Craig Boyes 2.43kg trevally, 3 Rowan Wright 1.67kg trevally

Double Glazing Guys kids section
Spotty - Finn Peirce 420gm, Mikayla Parekura 420gm, Manaia Rameka 404gm
Herring - Zach Snow 412gm, Harlen Rameka 250gm, Thomas Garrod 246gm
Mackerel - Finn Peirce 36gm, Ari Joe 35gm
parrotfish - Amish Kumer 110gm, Harlen Rameka 75gm, Gideon (jnr) Tekahika



total prize pool estimated at $20,000

including 3 x $1000 cash prizes for heaviest snapper, kahawai and deepwater fish (puka, bass or bluenose)

Starter packs available to the 1st 200 entrants - includes discount vouchers and assorted fishing stuff


Sections - shore, boat, harbour, kids, most species, teams, ladies, junior, kayak


Open section - Boat and/or shore - $65 includes competition T-shirt

The following prices dont include a tshirt or eligability for 3 x $1000 cash prizes

Boat section $25, shore section $15, Junior section (under 15yrs) - $10, kids section (under 11yrs) - $5

shore species - blue moki, spotty shark, red cod, couta, banded wrasse, gurnard

boat species - bluecod, tarakihi, elephantfish, gurnard, trevally, puka, bass, bluenose, JD, warehou

combined boat/shore - snapper, kingfish, kahawai

kid species - herring, spotty, parrotfish, mackerel

most species section and team section (see below for details)





Please give the following companies/brands your support as without them there would be no comp or prizes.

The Double Glazing Guys - phone Alan Chambers at the French Door Factory in Newtown

 Pete Lamb Fishing – for all your tackle, bait, rods, reels and charter bookings

Tica/Kilwell rods and reels – Legendary NZ made rods and tough tica reels. We have used these on the charter boat for years and they stand the test of time

NZ Fishing News – the best fishing read in NZ

CD Sports/Okuma rods and reels – quality NZ made and imported fishing gear

Shimano rods and reels - One of the most well known brands in fishing

Spot X guides and maps – find out where the experts catch their fish

Southern Bait - wide range of products for most fishing types

Berkley Gulp and Penn tackle – fantastic product

Daiwa rods/reels – One of the toughest brands of fishing gear

Plano tackle boxes  – Excellent top quailty tackle boxes

Tasline Braid - great quality and price, NZ made product                 

Tackle Tactics/Grim Reaper lures – specialist surfcasting tackle and lures

Gamakatsu hooks & flasher rigs – simply the best!

Fishtech / Youvella / Maxell – extremely good value product

Canoe and Kayak Wellington – for all your kayak needs and equipment

Nacsan gaffs and nets – NZ product, top quality

Baseline Printing – see Graeme Thompson in Lower Hutt for all your printing requirements

Katch1 Jigs -  Locally imported long jigs

Wild Haggis - Design a ball and custom TShirts for your team or business

Harlens Flasher rigs - top quality NZ made product

Louie the fish - bone carver and blues musician

Seaview marina - Excellent facilities for boaties

Recon Security - Home and business

Chicago Sports cafe - Queens Wharf

Whittakers Chocolate - excellent local product

Bite Fishing - We use their craypots and they work well

Decoro - Chilly bins and fishing product

Fishy business FCO fishing show with Adam Clancy

Oh-Lief Natural products - skin and healthcare products

Chris Mckoy (Opsec)

Dial A Driver - getting you and your car home safely

Sea Works - cook strait cable patrol





Open section - Boat and/or shore - $65pp. Includes competition T-shirt and eligibility for the 3 x $1000 cash prizes

The following prices don’t include a T-shirt or eligibility for the 3 x $1000 cash prizes

Boat $25pp, Shore $15pp, Junior (under 15yrs) - $10pp, Kids (under 11yrs) - $5pp

Most Species $5pp, Team section $5pp


Weighins at both shops all 3 days     5pm Friday / Saturday, by 4pm Sunday

15 Kingford Smith St, Rongotai, ph 04 3878150,  Unit 11, 100 Port Rd, Seaview, ph 045894326

Fish need to be weighed on the day of capture or prior to fishing the following day (Sat or Sund).


Prizegiving  Sunday 8th June, 6pm at Chicago Sports Café – Queens wharf next to TSB centre




Friday 6th 11.16am H, 5.25pm L. Saturday 7th 11.57am H, 6pm L 0.7mtr. Sunday 8th 12.14pm H

South Coast - The tide runs to the west on the outgoing and to the east on the incoming tide. The tide is approximately 2 hours early from Lyall bay to  Karori light.

West coast

Friday 6th  9am L, 3pm H. Saturday 7th 10.10am L,  4.18pm H. Sunday 8th 11.20am L

The outgoing tide runs south and incoming runs north. The tide at Makara/Ohau is often an hour early and at the Wairaka rise and Hunters it is often an hour late.



Moon – last 1/4 on the 6th (small tides)


Boat Fishing

Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing,

and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. This is an official TRIP REPORT

and must include # of people on board, boat name, where leaving from and where going.

You can do an extra trip report into Wgtn Maritime Radio on VHF channel 16 or 0800MARITIME.

Shipping reports and weather can be heard on Becon Hill Harbour radio on VHF channel 14.

Pete's vessel Daniel can be contacted on channel 14 or 16 then switch to working channel 4 or 6



Friday 6th        11.16am high,    5.25pm low

Saturday 7th    11.57am high,    6pm low 0.7mtr

Sunday 8th      12.14pm high


West coast

Friday 6th      9am low            3pm high

Saturday 7th  10.10am low     4.18pm high

Sunday 8th     11.20am low


The tide runs from east to west on the outgoing and from west to east on the incoming tide on the sth coast.

Lyall bay to Karori light - the tide is normally 1.5 hrs early on the high and 2.5hours early on the low.


Competition T/SHIRTS - $30 please state size




The Double Glazing Guys Fishing Comp
6, 7, 8 June 2014

Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
boat name.................. colour...................... motor........................ model of boat............... .callsign...................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................

Angler ...................................................... ph (day)
Section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Tickets total cost $ ........... team name ...............................
Cost - $65pp open (boat/shore including tshirt). $25pp boat. $15pp shore  $10pp junior (under 15yr), $5pp kids (under 11yr),
$5pp team section (up to 4 anglers), $5pp most species


Credit card # over ph – 043878150 or 04 5894326 Direct Credit to Westpac 03 0510 0786779 000.
Send Cq to PO box 14099 wgtn. online - trademe under pete lamb fishing or

Or come into one of the shops - Pete Lamb Fishing - 15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai or Unit 11, 100 Port Rd Seaview

Juniors are eligible for main prizes.

Kids must be entered as juniors if they want to go into the main section.
Team and most species anglers must be entered in the main competition.

Only $65 entries valid for the 3 x $1000 cash prizes and free tshirt



1. The Competition will run 5am Friday 6 June to 3pm Sunday 8 June 2014

2. All fish must be caught on rod and reel, or hand line. No unattended lines permitted. 2 hooks per rig and 2 rods per angler permitted to be fished at any one time. Anglers must bring there own fish to the shore/boat un-aided unless in the kids section.

3. Fishing may be done off the shore, rocks, boat or kayak.

4. Fishing area – Castlepoint Cape Palliser and along the south coast to Cape Terawhiti, inside Wellington harbour and up to 10 miles offshore. Cape Terawhiti up to Otaki river (on the west). Excluding the cook strait cable zone and marine reserves

5. Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing, and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. As a mandatory requirement all boats must carry an operable VHF radio, 1 flare and lifejacket per person, first aid kit and cellphone. VHF radio in kayak is optional.

6. Weighins - 5pm Friday and Saturday (@ Pete's shops) . Final weighin by 4pm Sunday 8 june @ Pete's Shops. All fish must be left whole (no gutting) and be in good condition (kept on ice).

7. The Competition briefing and updates will be posted on and on Pete Lamb Fishing's Facebook page

8. Boating can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. Skippers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own boats, crew and boating equipment. All entrants, boat owners and spectators participate at their own risk. Pete Lamb Fishing Ltd, its employees, sponsors and volunteers (together "the organizers") accept no responsibility in any respect for personal injury, loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the Competition, regardless of cause. Each entrant releases the organizers to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any incident associated with the Competition. Each entrant also agrees not to bring any action, claim or demand against the organizers in respect of the Competition and agrees to indemnify the organizers for all the costs, claims, demands, expenses (including full legal expenses) arising in respect of their participation in the Competition. The holding of the Competition does not constitute an endorsement by the organizers that the weather or sea conditions are suitable for the boats and/or entrants.

9. The Competition is held in the spirit of amateur fishing and fair competition. If, in the opinion of the Fishing Competition Committee, competitors have breached the spirit of the Competition then the  Committee reserves the right to exclude competitor(s). The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final.

10. Prize list may change on the Fishing Committee's decision.

11. The Fishing Competition Committee reserves the right to designate a restricted fishing area should the weather deem it necessary to do so. The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final in all matters to do with this fishing competition. It would pay to check prior to the days fishing if there are any restrictions in place.

12. Cancellation of fishing will be on and on Newstalk ZB (1035AM). If all days are cancelled then the competition will be rescheduled to the next available weekend.

13. Any 1st prizes not struck will be transferred to the next Competition

14. Anglers may only weighin one fish per specie, per day

15. The team section ($5pp) - Most points over 3 days.

Separate boat and shore.

1 point per fish weighed.

Up to 4 anglers in a team.

Eligible species

Shore - blue moki, spotty shark, kahawai, gurnard.

Boat - bluenose, gurnard, kahawai, snapper.

Only one fish per specie weighed per day.

16. Most species section ($5pp) - Separate Boat and Shore. Only the fish allocated in prize sections are eligible (shore species caught on shore and boat species caught in the boat)

17. In the event of a tie the 1st angler weighing in wins


Prizes confirmed

3 x $1000 cash
2 x $1000 Kilwell game/deepwater fishing sets
1 x Decoro heavy duty chilly
Shimano apparel, bags and gimbals
Daiwa saltist 40 reel and procyon rod
3 x $400 Recon security vouchers
Kiwi Sizzler BBQ, fishtech chilly bin
O-Leif natural skin products (ladies section)
Jarvis Walker rod and reel sets (kids section)
3 x Canoe and kayak vouchers value $350
NZ fishing news subscriptions
Fishy Business DVD's
Mat Watson DVD's
Gamakatsu products
Katch 1 jigs x 10
Tasline spools of braid x 20
Seaview marina boat launching passes
Bite fishing craypot
Dial a Driver vouchers
Harlen flasher rigs
Loui the fish jewelry
Whittakers chocolate
Plano tackle box
Okuma predotor 13ft surf rod, andros jig rod, filletting kit
Sports ball and shirts from Wild Haggis
Nacsan product
Tackle Tactics surfcasting vouchers
Spot X Maps and Guides
Penn spinfisher 850, penn gti330 set, tackle bag