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Junior Kreyl with a 37kg kingi caught on the south coast early April 2013

Latest fishing Report

11.5.13 There's been an infux of snapper to Wellington harbour recently. Shelly bay off the shore and point Gordan/Kau bay in the boat. I have heard of a number of 4-9kg fish taken. also the south coast has been producing numbers as well on some 40mtr tarakihi reefs. Dont wite off the kings, they are still around to. The next two months are premo fishing in Welly.


6.5.13 - Theres been a big influx of bluenose at the trench and ther puka have come back on the bite at places like Karori, Palliser Bay, 5 mile, Ohua, Makara and the back of Mana. The last two trips to the trench have been our best for the season.

Snapper fishing on the west is as good as it gets and its picking up the the harbour at present. Last w/end there was an 8kg snapper caught landbased at Makara and a couple around that size of Ward island and Point Gordan (boat based). The kingis are still gong well off the south coast on the 100mtre mark.

Surfcasters ad boaties are making the most of the large kahawai all around the harbour.

16.4.13 Theres still plenty of kingis around and the snapper have started to fire pretty well in the harbour. There was a 30lb kingi and 14lb snapper caught in the habour over the weekend. Kau bay, point Gordan and war island have all be good spots lately. The other night we caugh 16 warehou, gurnad, kahawai and a small kingi near ward island (after dark). The big teris adn kingfish are still going strong on the 100mtr mark on the south coast. The trench was quiet last week, just ling with a occasional bluenose and hoki.

Kahawai have been plentiful all around the traps and the surfcasters have been having reasonalble success on spotty sharks and moki on the South Coast and Wairarapa and a few snapper and kingis on the west. Snapper continue to get caught on the south coast too. The maybe moving into the harbour for a month or two of feeding before departing for warmer waters. We caught a tagged bluecod on the south coast recently which was a 1st for us.

Chris Porebski got the longest fish at the Burncso/LBYC fishing comp with a conger eel and his sone took the junior section with a barracouta. About 50 entrants enjoyed a good weekends fishing and hospitailty

KINGI MAYHEM 7.4.13 - Its been kingi mayhem around the harbour and on the south coast recently. We've had some real monsters hooked up out at Homes rock off Wainui. Junior Krehyl's 37kg monster has been the standout fish. Juniors' on a roll after his 260kg blue marlin caught in his mates sportfishing vessel at Gisbourne in February. His next catch could be the xos snapper from Jono's secret harbour spot. 

We had one of the best harbour fishing trips I can remember yesterday with 4 kingis to 30lb, a bunch of kahawai and good tarakihi and gurnard as well. all in 20mtrs off Point Hallswell. I wonder if the powerboat race scared all the kingis over from Point Jenningham.

We have had some excellent bluenose fishing back at the trench this week as well as superb xos tarakihi from the 100mtr marks off turakerei. Sinclair head has also been good fishing on xos bluecod. the edge of the marine reserve has been pretty good for tarakihi as well as producing a doubleheader of 2kg snapper the other day for us.

Our west I hear the albacore have still been firing along wth puka at Ohau and the usual cod, teris and snaper up and down the coast.feb_2013_20130222_2093589264

A 20kg kingi caught Feb 2013 on the Daniel

Our Annual Fishing Comp June 2013.

The Double Glazing Guys / Pete Lamb Fishing Comp 

in assn with The Southern Cross

Due to Pete being too busy running charters the Comp has been put back to June 14, 15, 16. We are still looking for sponsors (including co- naming rights) and volunteers to run and organize our main fishing comp for the season in June 2013. If you can help please contact Pete.


Check us out on YOUTUBE



GIFT VOUCHERS - are the perfect gift for the fisho in your life available online, at the shop, email or phone us


an XOS tarakihi caiught in 90mtrs off Turakerei feb 21 2013




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Seaview shop & Charter enquires

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Shop Opening Hours

7 days - 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 7am - 4pm weekends

(unless weather bad then 8am - 3pm on w/ends)


Charter Bookings and retail sales - Seaview - Unit 11, 100 Port Rd Seaview, Lower Hutt. Ph 04 5894326

retail and w/sale sales - Rongotai - 15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai, Wellington. Ph 04 3878150

Postal - P O Box 14099 Wgtn

Mobile - 0274 439750 (Pete)


another 50lber south coast kingi caught feb 14 2013


Fishing Report

17.3.13 The weathers still been pretty good but showing signs of deteriating. The high light for us has been the exceoptional big tarakihi fishing around the 80-100mtr marks along the south coast. there have been many kingfish mixed in with them feeding on horse macks and a few puka too. I do recommend 80lb tackel on the kings and we are getting cleaned out on 50lb gear by some real monsters. The trench has again been full on bluenose fishing then tough going. some nice snapper are getting caught in the harbour along the eastbourne stretch both landbased and boat based as well as lunker trevs and gurnard. Out west is continues to be good snapper fishing with quite a few up over 15lb. Ive heard of some good shore based action on the snapper too. nows the time to give it a good crack for a trophy fish. Albacore tuna are still getting caught out wide for those anglers keen on tolling, cubing and jigging for them.

5.3.13 The golden run of weather and fishing continues.

- West Coast. The snapper fishing off the boat and shore over the last couple of weeks has been excellent. I havnt heard of any real monsters caught but there have been good numbers of fish up to 7 or 8kgs taken recently from Ohau all the way up the coast. The Wairaka rise at Pukerua bay has been full of fish. Albacore tuna fishing has been really good with fish caught a couple of hundred metres off the back of Mana Island at times. Tarakihi, kingis and puka are all also around on the reef areas in good numbers too

- South Coast. The trench has been doog on bluenose but fishing has been tough one day and red hot the next. It is bluenose spawning season at present so the fish may be a bit hard until they finish their business this month. XOS tarakihi fishing has been a standout for us on charters in the 90 - 110mtr marks. We have had heaps of kingis on and caught plenty to around 25kgs. They have been taking live horse (jack) macks which we catch on location. One day we hooked 10 kingis, landing 4 to 20kg. 

- Habour. The snapper have finaly come on with good numbers (up to 7kg) caught from Ward island back to Eastborne. There are also a few off Point Gordan now. Kingis have also been ever present south of Ward in the shallows as have some nice trevally. We got a 15kg kingi trolling a rapala in 3mtrs there recently. Gurnard are still in good numbers both sides of the harbour entrance and the kahawai are fattenning up for their March spawn. They have been harder to catch over the last couple of weeks.

- Surcasting and rockfishing. There have been plenty of kingfish caught at Point Jenningham this summer and school snapper are also comon in the same area. Kingfish are pretty much all around the harbour particularly around wharf structures, weed banks and rocky points. Some great snapper have been caught off the shore at Pukerua Bay, Makara and Titahi Bay.Havnt heard too much about the blue moki and spotty shark fishing but they are pretty much around most of the year if you fish the shingle beachs after dark with shellfish and crab baits.


21.2.13 We've just had an amazing run on kingfish over the last two weeks. Most days we've been getting 30 - 60lbers. Most of them have been off Turakerei Head in 90mtrs but we caught a 25lber just south of ward island a couple of days ago. The XOS tarakihi have been great too with some munter bluecod, bluenose and puka mixed in as well.

Off the shore recently Richard Tetau caught a 25kg kingi of Rona and Bernard Shiftner caught a 15kg kingi off Point Jenningham. Both spots have produced plenty of snapper too for shore anglers.

1.2.13 What an amazing spell of weather over the last two weeks.

harbour - Heaps of kahawai have invaded feeding up on small pilchards. Some good tarakihi have been caught from falcon shoal up to point Halswel. Kingfish seem to be spread out around the wharves, point jenningham, ward island. I have heard of 4/50lber patrolling off point howard recently. Snapper are getting caught in evans bay off great point and off cobham drive, also a few in lowry bay and eastbourne. 

south - the trench has been going well on bluenose off wainui and baring hear recently but the western end has gone quiet. bass (up to 35kgs ) have been caught on the other side. the xos teris have been going well off turakerei in 90mtrs and we have hook quite a few kingis there to landing a couple.

west - albacore tuna have turned up off kapiti, hunters and mana. towards the end of the outgong tide is better further south (mana). fishermans and north of there is also good. snapper fishing has been excellent with numbers of fish and large ones too up and down the coast. tarakihi fishing has been good but puka fishing has been a bit slow. I hear a few have been caught at the 78, fishermans and at ohau recently

Surfcasting/rockfishing - snapper in evans bay, blue moki off longbeach, pencarrow and at cape palliser. boom is worth a crack for a kingi and the snapper are off makara now so its time for some serious rockfishing if your up to it.

14.1.13 Its been a real mixed bag of weather this year. It started with a great week then has been a bit marginal since. The fishing has been running hot and cold. Limit bags of snapper out west have been comon. Kingis at Hunters, boom, puke bay and kapiti. Puka fising has been reasaonable when the weathers been good.

At the Trench its been great then tough, a real box of chocolates out there. The water had warmed up to 17.5 on the south and we were expecting tuna then the southerly cam in and cooled things down. At least the harbour has stayed warm and the kingis have been pretty good. We've had a couple off ward island and a couple at point halswell. Gary Whitaker caught a 11.5kger off the land at oriental bay recently. Our best fishing recently has been around the 100mtr mark off Turakerei with xos teris, puka and kingfish around on most trips there.    

13.12.12 The water has warmed up in the harbour to 17 dgerees and there has been a good anmount of snapper and kingfish action in Evans bay, around Ward Island and the wharves. Ward has been a hotspot for elephantfish, gurnard and trevally. The gurnard and trevs are fishing well down towards pencarrow too. Out south the big teris run continues at Turakerei with school puka and kingis mixed in with them. Out west - Verns still firing teris, the snapper have been on and off up and down the coast.  

8.12.12 There's been some amazing bluenose fishing at the trench lately. We've had fish to 23kgs in the last two weeks plus some good puka. bluenose, hoki and ling. The weather hasnt been too consistent but on the good days the fishing has been pretty good with one exception. We caught a 6kg trumpeter and kingfish while tarakihi fishing off Turakerei in 100mtrs this week plus plenty of large tarakihi. The gemfish have been running as well in 130mtrs. They are excellent smoked.

20.11.12 There's been quite a few warehou taken off the shore around Miramar wharf and Eans bay in the last cople of days. iIs well worth going down and have a crack. they are good fish up to 3 or 4kgs. The fishing and weather has been up and down. There has been alot of krill around somtimes the fish have been hard to catch because they are full of krill. Bluenose and hoki have good somedays and tough the next. Outgoing tide has been best. The snapper have been excellent off the west then hard going when the water cools down. There have been a number of kingfish hooked and one or tweo caught in Fitzroy bay recently. The moki 1000 comp was a success with a good number caught to 3.5kgs opn the w/end. Gary  Whitaker caught a 5klg moki surfcasting on the w/end outside of the moki 1000 boundary. 

12.11.12 The snapper have gone a bit quiet out west but a few schooliies are turning up in Evans Bay and along Cobham drive particularly. The trench was a bit qiueter on the bluenose but still going ok. The outgoing tide has been the best there. School puka and big teris have been comon off Turakerei. Surfcasters have been catching some nice moki, gurnad and spotty sharks on the south coast with numbers of legal bluecod from Ngawi when the water has been clean. 20 - 30lb snapper have been caught from Kapiti up to Foxton recently. Its the time for monsters in close to shore!

6.11.12 The snapper have come on strong on the west coast. place like Pukerua Bay, Plimmerton point and around the mana bridge have been producing some good ones and numbers of schoolies.

Fishermans rock has been producing good puka again as well as a few other spots.

Verns has also been good on tarakihi

Out south the trench has been providing excellent bluenose, puka and hoki. We had a couple of good hauls of nice tarakihi off Turakerei recently too.

A recent sounds trip yeiled puka (to 65lb), blue cod and gurnard in good numbers with scollys tarakihi and crays in modest numbers.

22.10.12 The weathers been pretty stink lately but there have been some good fish caught of the shore. Snapper from Greta Point and a few nice moki (to 3kg) and spotty sharks (10kg) from the south coast

13.10.12 We've just got back from 4 days in the Sounds. It was great with bluecod, tarakihi, scallops all on the menu with some good jamming in the evening at Furneaux lodge. Locally the weather's been a bit narley but there are still plenty of fish around on the calmer days. Mainy bluecod at Sinclair, Ohau and Karori and teris in most usual places on the south and west coast (they are widespread on most reef structures). We have had plenty of gurnard and some excellent trevally around the habour entrance, Lyall and Fitzroy bays. The snapper are picking up on the west coast with a 15lber caught inbetween Boom and Bears head recently. One chap caught 8 snaps just south of the bridge. The puka at Ohau are proving harder to get now as most of the school has been cleaned out. I've heard of good numbers of small puka caught out from sinclair head recently and some good ones elsewhere. We had our first good haul of post spawn puka yesterday at the trench. Surfasters have been catching moki, spotty sharks, gurnard and kahawi on the south coast at places like White rock, Tora, Palliser bay, Fitzroy bay and Long beach. DONT FORGET THE MOKI $1000 FISHING COMP on the 17 and 18th November at Ngawi.   

2.10.12 -The harbour fishing seems to be picking up with gurnard, snapper,elephantfish, bluecod, tarakihi and trevally all featuring lately on our 4 hour trips. The kahawai and redcod numbers are well up now and are helping fill the fillet bags.The bluenose fishing has been excellent over the last 3 trips to the trench this week. Plenty of fish up to 16kg. Also some nice hapuku, hoki and ling came in. One retired gentleman landed the 2 biggest fish of Saturdays trip at 15 and 16kgs

25.9.12 - Well what an excellent w/end and weather spell we've just had. There were bluenose and hoki galore out in the trench on Saturday. Sunday was a bit tougher but still ok. We had the best trevally fishing i have seen in the harbour yesterday. We had 4 over 3kgs and lost 3 biggies at the boat too. Gurnard fishing was excellent too. There have been reports of kingfish in fitzroy bay and around Turakerei. The Ohau puka spot was like courtney place on a friday night over the w/end. there were quite a few puka taken but the fishing is getting harder now 1000+ fish have been taken out. I hear further north it was spiney dog and couta heaven.

21.9.12 - It was an excellent weekend just past fr surfcasting the south coast with numbers of bluemoki caught as well as spotty sharks, gurnard, a rare copper moki and various other stuff. Boaties didnt fare so well but still caught nice gurnard, bluecod and tarakihi on the south coast. Fishing has been a little tough of late but is showing signs of improving. The harbour fishing has been better over the last week with numbers of kahawai around, a few elephant fish, trevally and gurnard being more active, expecially south of Ward Island. The trench has been fishign well on the outgoung tide for bluenose but hard work on the incoming. Ohau is still going well for hapuku on the west coast.  

7.9.12 - The puka are still running well at Ohau Point with many boats visiting the area and catching fish. Tarakihi have some back on the bite off the back of 5 mile and at homes rock in the 90mtr mark and the gurnard have been running well in Fitzroy bay at aroud the harbour entrance. The fishing has got a bit tougher inside the harbour and on the incoming tide at the trench but elsewhere its been good. Kahawai have been running around irver mouths and feeding on whitebait. Things should change after this big Northwesterlie blow goes through. The water temp should go up a couple of dregrees which may bring the summer species like bluenose, puka, snapper and kingfish back to our waters a bit early (fingers crossed).      

23.8.12 - Plenty of hapuku have been caught from Sinclair head to Ohau Point. We got a nice haul of on Sunday from 10 to 20kgs. The Trench was a bit harder going but some nice bass puka and bluenose were caught. Not in the same numbers as previously but fish around 15 - 20kgs (bass, bluenose and puka) came in on the Daniel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have found the South coast and Harbour fishing a bit tougher over the last week, could be because of the ammount of fresh water about and slightly colder water. Still managed a feed of tarakihi, bluecod, gurnard and kahawai. We've had the fish smoker fired up twice this week. The Harbour entrance has been prettty good fishing for gurnard, trevally and kahawai.  

Fishing report 8.8.12 - We had a mostly inshore day on saturday with a good mixed bag of gurnard, kahawai and bluecod at pencarrow in the morning. It was unusual to get the bluecod (up to 1.5kg) on the sand.
We got a pile of ling and half a dozen nice bluenose (to around 10kg) through lunch time at the trench then a stash of teris and 4 nice trevs in the afternoon off the back of the airport reef. Sunday was a good day on the puka to about 22kg.

I heard there were some kingfish at Hunters bank on the w/end with a 10kg fish caught, a 7kg snapper from Pukuerua bay and plenty of puka down Ohau way

Also a couple of schol puka on the ath coast and plenty of gurnard around in the harbour and onthe sth coast.


Furneaux Lodge Chalet for sale/rent

We have put our chalet (#8) at Furneaux Lodge on the market (where we stay on our Marlborough Sounds trips). Its earns and income and is a great place to stay.

Call or email Pete if interested or have a look at the trademe property site


Jono with 2 x 50lb + bass caught 11.8.12 (not by him) at the trench


Accomodation - South coast, Hougton Bay, Wellington

Open plan flat overlooking the South Coast. Fully self contained. $600/week. Includes - linen, power, phone internet. Ideal for couples or families up to 4 people. Available August to November 2012, March 2013 onwards.

for booking enquiries email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0274 439750 or


Sam Mossman with a 20kg puka on the Daniel - June 20120


A school of hapuku in 140mtrs on the sounder

Marcus Benbow with a recent 20kg bluenose caught onthe Daniel


A customer with a 20kg bass on the Daniel - June 2012




May 16, 17, 18 - 2014

Area - Kapiti to Wgtn to Castlepoint

total prize pool estimated at $20,000

including 3 x $1000 cash prizes for heaviest snapper, kahawai and deepwater fish (puka, bass or bluenose)

Starter packs available to the 1st 200 entrants - includes discount vouchers and assorted fishing stuff


Sections - shore, boat, harbour, kids, most species, teams, ladies, junior, kayak


Open section - Boat and/or shore - $65 includes competition T-shirt

The following prices dont include a tshirt or eligability for 3 x $1000 cash prizes

Boat section $25, shore section $15, Junior section (under 15yrs) - $10, kids section (under 11yrs) - $5

shore species - blue moki, spotty shark, red cod, couta, banded wrasse, gurnard

boat species - bluecod, tarakihi, elephantfish, gurnard, trevally, puka, bass, bluenose, JD, warehou

combined boat/shore - snapper, kingfish, kahawai kid species - herring, spotty, parrotfish, mackerel most species section and team section (see below for details)





Please give the following companies/brands your support as without them there would be no comp or prizes.

The Double Glazing Guys - phone Alan Chambers at the French Door Factory i

n Newtown

Pete Lamb Fishing – for all your tackle, bait, rods, reels and charter bookings

Tica/Kilwell rods and reels – Legendary NZ made rods and tough tica reels. We have used these on the charter boat for years and they stand the test of time

NZ Fishing News – the best fishing read in NZ

CD Sports/Okuma rods and reels – quality NZ made and imported fishing gear

Shimano rods and reels - One of the most well known brands in fishing

Spot X guides and maps – find out where the experts catch their fish

Southern Bait - wide range of products for most fishing types

Berkley Gulp and braid – fantastic product

Daiwa rods/reels – One of the toughest brands of fishing gear

Plano tackle boxes  – Excellent top quailty tackle boxes

Tasline Braid - great quality and price, NZ made product                 

Tackle Tactics/Grim Reaper lures – specialist surfcasting tackle and lures

Gamakatsu hooks & flasher rigs – simply the best!

Fishtech / Youvella / Maxell – extremely good value product


Canoe and Kayak Wellington – for all your kayak needs and equipment

Nacsan gaffs and nets – NZ product, top quality

Baseline Printing – see Graeme Thompson in Lower Hutt for all your printing requirements

Katch1 Jigs -  Locally imported long jigs

Harlens Flasher rigs - top quality NZ made product

WILD HAGGIS branded apparel

Louie the fish - bone carver


CHICAGO SPORT CAFE queens wharf 


Weighins at both shops all 3 days

- 15 Kingford Smith St, Rongotai, ph 04 3878150

- Unit 11, 100 Port Rd, Seaview, ph 045894326

5pm Friday / Saturday, by 4pm Sunday

Fish need to be weighed on the day of capture or prior to fishing the following day (Saturday or Sunday morning).



Sunday 8th June, 6pm at Chicago Sports Cafe




Boat Fishing

Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing,

and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. This is an official TRIP REPORT

and must include # of people on board, boat name, where leaving from and where going.

You can do an extra trip report into Wgtn Maritime Radio on VHF channel 16 or 0800MARITIME.

Shipping reports and weather can be heard on Becon Hill Harbour radio on VHF channel 14.

Pete's vessel Daniel can be contacted on channel 14 or 16 then switch to working channel 4 or 6



Friday         high 1.5mtr,    low 0.7mtr

Saturday     high 1.5mtr,    low 0.7mtr

Sunday       high


West coast

Friday     low 0.6mtr     high 1.5mtr

Saturday low 0.6mtr     high 1.5mtr

Sunday   low 0.6mtr


The tide runs from east to west on the outgoing and from west to east on the incoming tide on the sth coast.

Lyall bay to Karori light - the tide is normally 1.5 hrs early on the high and 2.5hours early on the low.





The Double Glazing Guys Fishing Comp
6, 7, 8 june 2014

Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
boat name.................. colour...................... motor........................ model of boat............... .callsign...................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Angler ...................................................... ph (day)............................ mobile..............................night.................................
section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................

Angler ...................................................... ph (day)
Section (circle) boat shore kids junior lady team species
I have read and agreed with all the rules and conditions of the comp signed............................................
Tickets total cost $ ........... team name ...............................
Cost - $65pp open. $25pp boat. $15pp shore  $10pp junior (under 15yr), $5pp kids (under 11yr),
$5pp team section (up to 4 anglers), $5pp most species


Credit card # over ph – 043878150 or 04 5894326 Direct Credit to Westpac 03 0510 0786779 000.
Send Cq to PO box 14099 wgtn

Or come into one of the shops - Pete Lamb Fishing - 15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai or Unit 11, 100 Port Rd Seaview

Juniors are eligible for main prizes.

Kids must be entered as juniors if they want to go into the main section.
Team and most species anglers must be entered in the main competition.



1. The Competition will run 5am Friday 6 june to 3pm Sunday 8 june 2014

2. All fish must be caught on rod and reel, or hand line. No unattended lines permitted. 2 hooks per rig and 2 rods per angler permitted to be fished at any one time. Anglers must bring there own fish to the shore/boat un-aided unless in the kids section.

3. Fishing may be done off the shore, rocks, boat or kayak.

4. Fishing area – Castlepoint Cape Palliser and along the south coast to Cape Terawhiti, inside Wellington harbour and up to 10 miles offshore. Cape Terawhiti up to Otaki river (on the west). Excluding the cook strait cable zone and marine reserves

5. Skippers of boats must check in with Pete Lamb Fishing prior to starting fishing, and must check out upon returning from the days fishing. As a mandatory requirement all boats must carry an operable VHF radio, 1 flare and lifejacket per person, first aid kit and cellphone. VHF radio in kayak is optional.

6. Weighins - 5pm Friday and Saturday (@ Pete's shops) . Final weighin by 4pm Sunday 8 june @ Pete's Shops. All fish must be left whole (no gutting) and be in good condition (kept on ice).

7. The Competition briefing and updates will be posted on and on Pete Lamb Fishing's Facebook page

8. Boating can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. Skippers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own boats, crew and boating equipment. All entrants, boat owners and spectators participate at their own risk. Pete Lamb Fishing Ltd, its employees, sponsors and volunteers (together "the organizers") accept no responsibility in any respect for personal injury, loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the Competition, regardless of cause. Each entrant releases the organizers to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any incident associated with the Competition. Each entrant also agrees not to bring any action, claim or demand against the organizers in respect of the Competition and agrees to indemnify the organizers for all the costs, claims, demands, expenses (including full legal expenses) arising in respect of their participation in the Competition. The holding of the Competition does not constitute an endorsement by the organizers that the weather or sea conditions are suitable for the boats and/or entrants.

9. The Competition is held in the spirit of amateur fishing and fair competition. If, in the opinion of the Fishing Competition Committee, competitors have breached the spirit of the Competition then the  Committee reserves the right to exclude competitor(s). The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final.

10. Prize list may change on the Fishing Committee's decision.

11. The Fishing Competition Committee reserves the right to designate a restricted fishing area should the weather deem it necessary to do so. The Fishing Competition Committee's decision is final in all matters to do with this fishing competition. It would pay to check prior to the days fishing if there are any restrictions in place.

12. Cancellation of fishing will be on and on Newstalk ZB (1035AM). If all days are cancelled then the competition will be rescheduled to the next available weekend.

13. Any 1st prizes not struck will be transferred to the next Competition

14. Anglers may only weighin one fish per specie, per day

15. The team section ($5pp) - Most points over 3 days. Separate boat and shore. 1 point per fish weighed. Up to 4 anglers in a team. Eligible species - shore blue moki, spotty shark, kahawai, gurnard. Boat bluenose, gurnard, kahawai, snapper. Only one fish per specie weighed per day.

16. Most species section ($5pp) - Separate Boat and Shore. Only the fish allocated in prize sections are eligible (shore species caught on shore and boat species caught in the boat)

17. In the event of a tie the 1st angler weighing in wins